#whosays: Beary Glad I’m Here

Guest-blogged for @nyktravels (link below). It was an experience bordering on euphoria and insanity 🙂




Contributed by guest blogger, Mr Z

When everyone’s either swarming to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for the Hello Kitty Cafe, or to Bugis Junction to dig into a plate of rice fashioned into the design of Pikachu, a new type of cafe opens up somewhere in the East, and their anchor is sure to please customers of all ages and preferences: Teddy Bears!

And I mean, Teddy Bears that can go from palm-sized, to one that is human (maybe 2 times human, circumferentially) sized.  

I’m Here, a Teddy Bear themed restaurant is located at the first level of Park Avenue beside Expo MRT. Even from the MRT station, one can see the teddy bears wave enticingly at them. Other than the (faux) topiary greeting customers at the entrance to the restaurant, the centrepiece is the giant (single eyelid) Teddy Bear sitting on a swing hung from the 2-storey-high ceiling.

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