Food Review in 3 Minutes: Truffle Wanton Mee

Tempted and inspired by The Smart Local’s recommendation, my personal assistant N decided to try out Bee Kee’s Truffle Wanton Mee, which is (reportedly) a fusion between Singapore’s local favourite and Singapore’s latest food trend.



Basic Understanding

$6 per bowl, 6-minute walk from Serangoon MRT Station, 6 minutes to finish the whole bowl of noodles.

Is It Really What They Say?

The fried wantons are crispy, the noodles are springy (i.e. boing boing) and the 10-pieces of Char Siew has good fat-to-meat ration.

And the truffle oil, sprayed onto the noodles, is fragrant.

Backtrack a little, the Wanton Mee is good enough without the truffle oil, so if you can save a dollar and yet still savour good quality Wanton Mee.



On the other hand, the noodle is on the oily side (could be due to the truffle oil), and the soup tastes bland.

But who drinks soup when they are aiming for Wanton Mee?

What Should You Do?

N is a mad fan of TSL, so when he gave the Truffle Wanton Noodle a 8/10, I take away 1 point for confirmation bias. At 7/10, this is a good find if you are bored of your usual food fare. If you are staying in Jurong/Boon Lay (a.k.a the Malaysia), you better find a weekend to do so.

What Do You Think?

Tell me: Did you manage to finish reading the review in 3 minutes? (You thought I will ask you of your opinion of the noodles, right?)



Bee Kee Wanton Noodle


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