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If you come to this page, I assume you wanted to know more about me. The section below is a summary of my skills:

Certified Trainer

Process Facilitator

(壮志羔羊1.1, 壮志羔羊1.2, 壮志羔羊1.3, 不能说的爱情故事)

For a complete list on my skills and achievements, you can click HERE to view my resume. If you’d like to know even more, you can always leave a comment.



In terms of competencies, I am certified in Advance Certification in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and Methods of Instruction for Ministry of Home Affairs Trainers. I am also a trained Process Facilitator, associated with Facilitators Network Singapore. These are all on top of a variety of competencies I picked up while I’m with the prison service. I am from the Engineering background, but my years in the human development has made me a hybrid of sorts between the hard science and liberal arts.

All in all, I dabbled in facilitated training for 5 years and now I’m branching into Process Facilitation. I am also pursuing my interest in writing, mainly in Mandarin.


Like all other Singaporeans, I enjoy travelling and eating.

When it comes to travelling, I find there are still information lacking online to help me prepare for my trips (Are there elevators in the accommodation? Do I need to bring extra toiletries?). I started with leaving these information on Tripadvisor, but I realise I can compile my own repository to help fellow travellers.

I am also surrounded by foodies who would bring me around Singapore (and the world) to dine and wine (maybe not so much of the latter). I try to note down the directions and calories-worthy food items, also for the benefit of fellow foodies.


On the personal front, I am a run-of-the-mill student from the local education system, proud to be trained with bilingual skills. In fact, I was glad that I could host PRC delegates visiting the organisations I work in, making use of my training in Mandarin. Till date, I have also published 4 novels under my moniker 杰诺. I am progressively uploading chapters of 壮志羔羊 onto my page on this webiste, dedicated to my writing endeavours (LINK).

Like all wide-eye fan boys, I have a long-running love for Sammi Cheng. Her rise to stardom despite her background is a common theme for many other pop-culture I like. Gattaca, for example, is a story of an underdog in a not-too-distant sci-fi future on genetics. In my schooling days, I was also a hardcore gamer, indulging in simulation games like SimCity and also Role-Playing Games like Neverwinter Nights. I no longer spend nights on these endeavours, but give me a game (Angry Birds or 2048) and I can still crack it in good time!

N.B: You may have heard about the disparaging remarks made by a cyber criminal making use of my namesake, or even to to use my name to carry out scamming. Do click on the links to hear my explanation and to find out what you can do about this 🙂


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