Clarification Note on Allegations of Disparaging Remarks Made By Me

Update: I have posted a follow-up entry, as the incident does not seem to have concluded. The impostor is still using my name to smear my reputation, and I felt the need to make further clarification and to ask of everybody affected to lodge a police report. Thank you!

It was brought to my attention that a Facebook user by the name of “Yap Tien Eng Zenov” had made several disparaging remarks online. A simple search of “Yap Tien Eng Zenov” on Facebook will yield 3 results; Although I am legally known as “Yap Tien Eng Zenov”, none of the profiles listed in the results belongs to me. An inspection of these 3 profiles will also show that none of these profiles contain information that is remotely related to me.

As a dignified working professional, I understand the impact such negative behaviour has towards me as a person and to the organisation I belong to. Therefore, I have since lodged a police report and have made a request to Facebook to suspend the profile of said individual. If need be, I will pursue the issue in court as I stand to attest my character and integrity.

On a less formal note, my ex-colleagues and friends who are in the law enforcement departments have rightfully pointed out that, given the nature of the seditious remarks in question, I will not even be out here enjoying my freedom and posting clarification notes. Yes, I have a clear idea how efficient my ex-colleagues are in apprehending such culprits.

Given the unsettling situation I had to go through in the past 6 hours, I would like to implore every honest citizen to report all illegal acts to the law enforcement authorities. Please do not take justice into your own hands and make unlawful allegations (that are derived from using unscientific investigation methods) towards anyone’s character and integrity, through non-lawful channels.

To you, you may be seeking the kind of justice you desire, but to the victim, the damage to his/her reputation is intangible and irreparable.

Singapore is a law-based society. Please let the criminal justice system run its course and refrain from seeking revenge in your own terms.

Thank you.

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