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Obertraun, Austria, view of Hallstatt Lake against the Alps and winter sky. Seen here is a man seated on a red bench by the lake.

This was a journey that was worth every bit of my creative juice to record!

I had planned for this trip in search of Christmas markets since the start of the year. However, I had a very nasty boss (let’s call her “Karen”) who refused to approve my annual leave until one week before my scheduled departure! That was despite the fact that I had put up the request half a year before my trip! I had gotten several colleagues to cover my work during my absence and yet she refused to approve my leave until the last minute. The weeks before embarking on the trip was a high-tension and unhappy period. At one point, I really thought I should just give up and lose the thousands of dollars that I already had put in for accommodation, train and airfare!

Thankfully, the trip itself was magical and vanquished all the pre-holiday frustration I suffered. From Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle, from Nuremberg to Hallstatt and Salzburg, every bit of the trip was fulfilling in itself and made every effort to plan for it worth it!

I am ever thankful for my colleagues, who stood up for me and personally told my boss they could help cover my work. Well, they did not have to walk into her cubicle and spoke to her like it was a planned meeting, but they still did it anyway. I had refrained from talking about this episode on this blog, as it was “politically incorrect” for us to be discussing work related matters online. However, trying to bury this incident would also diminish the kindness that my colleagues rendered to me and the gratitude I have for them ever since!

Munich Side Track: Garden of Neues Schloss

View this post on Instagram After visiting the Aviation Museum in rural Munich, we decided to detour to Neues Schloss (literally meaning New Castle) to take a look. . The compounds was massive and deserted as the museum was closed. We had the whole palace garden to ourselves, as though we stumbled upon a post-apocalyptic… Read More »Munich Side Track: Garden of Neues Schloss

Obertraun, Austria, at Hallstatt Lake. View of facade of the train station.

Train Adventure in Bavaria

Booking a a train ticket is straightforward, unless you are buying for one that is in a foreign language, for the first time, and across multiple operators.

Here’s my guide to buying a train ticket without breaking (much) sweat!

Salzburg, Austria - Baked potato stall in Christmas market.

Plan A Christmas Wanderlust Trip in Bavaria

Get tips on how to plan for a Christmas Wanderlust trip in Bavaria!

Holiday Inn Express Munich City West, overview of the room interior. Seen here is a double bed with splash of red on the couch.

Holiday Inn Express Munich City West: Pay For 3-Star, Get 5 Stars

Nobody expects a 5-star service upon hearing “Holiday Inn Express, yet we felt like we were in one, when we stayed in Holiday Inn Express Munich City West!


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