Useful Tool for Tracking of REITs

US East Coast Trip - New York City. Front view of the Atlas at The Rockefeller Center, against the blue skies.

I know this deviates from my usual theme for posting, though those were more due to the fact that I enjoyed blogging about travel, food and sometimes my personal thoughts. My blog has been mostly lifestyle in nature, so anything to do with our daily lives would have been possible for blogging.

Just earlier today, while browsing through sites on investing, I found a blogger who shared a tool that he created for tracking REITs.

The tool allowed an investor to have a high level view of how diversified his investment is; by entering the amount of REITs he has invested into the excel spreadsheet, he could easily see how much exposure he has in the industries covered by Singapore REITs.

The more evenly spread, the better.

Being a rather proficient excel user myself, I could quickly gauge the amount of effort he put into creating the tool – from gathering of data to sorting them into useful categories and to find a way to make them useful for a user.

I found the tool very useful; before this, I only used guess work to gauge my exposure to industries, as my own spreadsheet only tracked the percentage of my investments in each stock and where the funds were from (CPF/Cash).

There are caveats to using the tool – there are still limitations relating to the how accurate and up-to-date the data gathered is, since the collection of the data was still carried out manually by the author Vince himself.

And for me, it will mean I will have to refer to 2 spreadsheets when revising my investment portfolio. The REITs tool will remain a complementary, but useful reference.

Therefore, I very appreciate the hard work put in by Vince and even impressed that he shared his hard work for everyone to benefit from.

Which was the reason why I thought I should share his effort and count my blessing to have stumbled upon his work.

US East Coast Trip - New York City. Back view of the Atlas at The Rockefeller Center, against the facade of St Patrick's Cathedral, in black and white.

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