Schneider Bräuhaus München: Women Power

Cordon Bleu at Schneider Bräuhaus München.

As a recap, N and I were in Munich twice, in our holiday trip to Bavaria. We stayed in Munich, before proceeding to Nuremberg and Hallstatt, and then returned to Munich for 2 nights prior to our departure. One thing worth mentioning was that we revisited Schneider Bräuhaus München, on our return to Munich.

Interior of Schneider Bräuhaus München: the bar dispensing the beer.

We first visited Schneider Bräuhaus München on our first night in Munich. Convinced by the positive reviews in Tripadvisor, we decided to queue up for a taste of its fabled schnitzel. It was almost 7pm by the time we reached, which was well into dinner time, so we had to queue for at about 20 minutes before we were offered seats at the high table, sharing with another couple.

On our 2nd visit, we got clever (or rather, we had more time on our hands, since we did not plan much for our time before departure) and arrived at 5-plus. We were swiftly escorted to a proper table and had the attention of the server for most of our time there. (In fact, by the time we left at 6 plus, the place was just about to fill up).

Given that we had a rather bad experience on our first visit (the server was too busy to attend to us, we were just accommodating to the new, non-English-speaking environment), what was it that made us return?

Cordon Bleu at Schneider Bräuhaus München.

Pork Galore

On our first visit, we ordered Cordon Bleu and Assorted Bratwurst, then we ordered Schnitzel and Suckling Pig.

The reason why I wanted to return to Schneider Bräuhaus München was for the unique breaded batter; somehow, there was a sweet, milky taste to it that I had not tasted anywhere, much less in Munich/Austria. That made the eating experience like eating cookies with a different texture!

More over, as with all pork in Bavaria, the meat was did not taste or smell like the way they do in Singapore. And since the pork in Schneider Bräuhaus München was covered in that milky breaded butter, add on the freshness of the meat, and the overall experience was more than gratifying.

Schnitzel of Schneider Bräuhaus München, right off Marienplatz in Munich, Germany. The pork was thick and the breaded skin was full of butter. The dish is paired with salad and jam.

The Cordon Bleu and Schnitzel were both covered in that tasty breaded crust and looked basically like each other, except that the Cordon Bleu contained cheese to give each bite an added savoury, chewy oomph. Also, beware not to bite too hard into the Cordon Bleu, for that was not a pure pork cutlet; it had bones in it.

Bratwurst and potatoes at Schneider Bräuhaus München.

The assorted bratwurst came in 5 types of bratwurst. But to be honest, after the 1st few bites, one could barely tell the difference (perhaps a person who had eaten bratwurst long enough will beg to differ), though the curry bratwurst was spicy enough for it to be identified on its own.

The suckling pig would be a Singaporean heaven. The serving was huge, with equally tender portion of fats mixed with lean meat, drenched in unique gravy that complemented the meat.

Suckling Pig of Schneider Bräuhaus München, right off Marienplatz in Munich, Germany. The pork was thick and the gravy was thick and layered. The dish is paired with whipped potato.

All these meals were paired with their in-house beer, which was amazingly smooth and easy on the throat. The beer goes very well, not just with the pork (by neutralising the strong taste of pork), but was also a good accompaniment for chit chats amongst friends through the night!

Beer of Schneider Bräuhaus München.


Schneider Bräuhaus München was set near the fringe of old city grounds, so the building it is located in was full of old-world charm.

The cavernous beer hall was filled with old wooden engravings, pictures and quaint old-style windows. I can’t say it is right out of a medieval setting (since I have zero knowledge of how things were like in the Dark Ages), the whole interior design do make one feel awwww and convinced that we had stepped through time.

The servers were also dressed up like the lady on the mik powder can, which I did not think was conducive for them to carry out their work. However, it did add on to the overall feel that we were in a time far far away.

The amazing thing about these ladies were the fact that they could carry a whole tonne of food stuff on their serving plates that were as huge as a lorry wheel (or perhaps bigger). Initially, I thought those were for show, until I witnessed them filling it up with mugs after mugs of beer and plates after plates of schnitzels.

And guess what? Despite the heavy loads, they were still able to worm their way through the crowd, without spilling anything on the way.

Way to go, ladies!

Interior of Schneider Bräuhaus München.

Why Go To Schneider Bräuhaus München?

As mentioned, the schnitzel there taste different from the other schnitzels, which makes a very compelling case. Their beer was also smooth, yet not intoxicating, which makes a visit there superb for a group of friends looking to connect with each other rather than to get dead-drunk.

Of course, considering the cavernous hall that can cater a huge number of customers, it is a testament to their quality and appeal when you see the queue outside the restaurant.

Facade of Schneider Bräuhaus München, right off Marienplatz in Munich, Germany, taken during dinner time. It is a huge beer house and was already handling queues at about 6pm, which was after sundown in winter.

How to Get To Schneider Bräuhaus München?

Schneider Bräuhaus München
Tal 7, 80331 München, Germany
+49 89 2901380


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