Streets of Hallstatt, Austria, in winter, taken off the mountain side, with its iconic church set against Lake Hallstatt as background.

I know this is like long overdue. In fact, I had not been doing a recount for years. However, as I recall all the literature that I read, counting our blessings is the best way to feel grateful for all we have, which in turn makes a happier life and drives people to achieve more.

As per usual practice, I will use 3-2-1 to complete this entry, although counting 3 blessings for a year seems like a serious understatement for a great year!


3 Blessings and 2 Lessons

First, was the blessing that I could travel and see the world. It was said that travelling is the best gift one can give for himself, for the experience gained is personal and could never be taken away by another.

I re-visited Edinburgh and confirmed that it was still one of the most beautiful places I had ever been; the trip around Bavaria was a splendid eye opener, as it was the first time I ventured into lands that spoke a language that I had never had formal learning on.

Secondly, it was my experience being in the aviation industry.

Aeronautics had always been one of the subjects I was passionate about, and admittedly, I took about 8 more years than most aeronautic enthusiasts to get to where I am. In fact, I find myself in a rather good fit: not too technical, and yet I possess a niche in the industry.

With the insight I gained, I was able to look at the industry through another perspective. I went on my very first Business Class flight, albeit a short one and on a close competitor’s flight. Nope, it was not a spy flight. N happened to know of a good lobang that made travelling on Business Class within our financial reach. However, that also gave me a chance to experience the offerings other airlines provided and reflect on what we can do better.

Of course, working with an airline also meant the perks of travelling better. I was grateful to have the opportunities to take the Premium Economy seats on my holidays; seats that garnered awards even before it was launched! Yes, grateful because this opportunity is not a given, as paying customers have priority to take the seats.

Last on my blessing list was my commencement on the track of Process Facilitation. The journey broadened my skills set, and widened my social circle. I got to know people who are also working hard to realise their dreams of creating a better life for themselves. I got to know people who are passionate about helping others. I think knowing that I am not alone in this uphill struggle to improve my life is a rewarding experience itself.


1 Action

2017 presents as a new year of challenges. Circumstances have brought me to where I am now, and another door has opened for me, to opportunities I had never expected I would encounter.

After laying dormant for 3 years, I think I am ready to embark on another journey to obtain another professional qualification. This will cost more time and money as compared to ACTA or being trained in Process Facilitation, but I believe that it is only human to be striving for better.

You may laugh at me cynically for my naivety, or you can be a friend who cheer me on. I hope, any of you reading this, could be one of the blessings I include in my review of 2017.




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