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One of my loves is writing stories in the language of Mandarin. I believe in writing in simple language, as opposed to the flowery vocabulary that many writers used, because I believe the language / setting / story is a vehicle for delivering some of the important life lessons that all of us face in our daily rat race.

I have published 4 books in Mandarain till date, 3 of which are part of a trilogy of a coming of age of 4 Singaporean men in the military. Called 《壮志羔羊》(The Snipers), the novel is inspired from a hit Hong Kong drama 《金枝欲孽》(War and Beauty) and I used a lot of references from that drama. It was initially an experimental project, for a future project that I had harboured since I was in secondary school. Unfortunately, I have been unable to set my mind to actualise it.

The last book is a compilation of short stories. The title 《不能说的爱情故事》(Love.Secret) forms the themes of the stories, of average Singaporeans living their lives trying to balance between the demands of the society and their own desires for a perfect love.

You may have noticed that in between my blog entries on travel and food, I have included fable-like stories in English, about a protagonist called Nolan. As mentioned earlier, stories are vehicles to messages that hark back to lessons in our lives. Although Nolan’s identity seemed conflicted, he is but a vessel to what I hope I can relate to this world.

In my younger days, I also wrote lyrics to the tunes of songs I liked. I have yet to create more of such poetries for a few years, but I will progressively upload those pieces for sharing.

Click on the images below to start reading the stories!

《壮志羔羊》The Snipers
《不能说的爱情故事》 Love.Secret
17 De Shi Guang Title Pic 17 的时光封面
《17的时光 》 (In The Year of Prime)

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