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I’m not sure what defines a real foodie. All I know is that I derive pleasure from eating, though I am also not a picky eater. I mean, I eat from the same Chye Png stall every day for lunch at work, ordering the same few items. Neither can I tell you what went into the food after tasting it, nor tell you whether it was on par with top tier restaurants, because frankly speaking, I’ve never eaten at a top tier restaurant before.

Instead of a gourmet, I am more of a food lover who likes to share what I like to eat. I hope to find people who share the same taste palette as me, so that we can tell each other where to look for the same type of food that we love!

Here is the collation of food that I had eaten and thought were worth sharing with everyone!

ZY DaeJon House

DaeJon House 대전집: Hidden Korean Gem in Singapore Downtown

The Budae Jjigae 부대 찌개 at DaeJon House 대전집 in Havelock II is one thing I will never mind returning every now and then. Speak of comfort food!

Akimitsu 秋光 Signature Tendon

Akimitsu 秋光: Signature Tendon That Makes Me Keep Returning For More

Akimitsu 秋光 specialises in Tendons, although it also serves up other yummy Japanese food. Their Signature Tendon, which costs just slightly over $10, guarantees satisfaction gastronomically and visually.

Green Ba vegetarain fusion restaurant in Marina Square Singapore. Otak Otak

Green Ba Vegetarian Restaurant

Here’s a Chinese-Vegetarian restaurant that attempts to change your perception to Chinese-Vegetarian food.

elemen 元素 Vegetarian restaurant in Millenia Walk, Singapore. Seen here vegetable and mushroom dishes.

elemen – Chinese Vegetarian (and Fusion)

Chinese vegetarian restaurants have a contemporary competitor.

Food from Curry Times, a spin off from Old Chang Kee, located at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2, just outside the MRT station exit. Seen here is Dried Laksa Goreng, which has whole prawns, fish cake and chicken char siew mixed with thick vermicelli that was soaked with rich laksa gravy,

Going Back on Curry Times

Perhaps the only place that made me eat my food and my words.

SATS Blossom Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 4 experience. Lounge is located near Gate 12. Seen here is the dining section.

Is Blossom – The SATS Lounge Worth A Visit?

Blossom – The SATS Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 4. Will this be a value-worthy lounge for Plaza Premium members not travelling on Cathay Pacific?



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