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US East Coast Trip - New York City. Interior of Oculus, with its cathedral like cavernous space.

Since young, I was infatuated with USA. New York City, to be exact. I reckoned that bombardment of US pop culture in my growing up days had something to do with that.

In 2012, after working for 3 years, I finally saved up enough to travel, on my own, to New York City, along with Washington DC and Boston. That was still an era before 4G and Google Maps made navigating around a foreign city a walk in the park. On top of that, it was the first time I visited a Western country on my own, so I didn’t dare to do a lot of things, like trying out new food or venturing too far from my hotel lest I forgot my way back.

In 2017, I decided to return and re-do the trip. This time, with a travel partner who was very savvy, and of course, with myself having grown more mature and confident in navigating the world!

Of course, it was not a copy and paste trip. My original trip started with landing in John F Kennedy airport in New York, where I took a train straight to Boston. After 2 days, I went on the Acela Express down to Washington DC, before returning to NYC for the remaining time of the trip.

On my second trip, we decided to avoid JFK. Although it was big and well connected, it would also mean more security checks, longer immigration queues and of course, a higher security risk. Instead, we hopped onto Thai Airways, then SAS, to land in Washington DC. After spending 2 days there, we went to NYC, before ending our trip at Boston. We departed from Boston Logan Airport on SAS, retracing our flight back via Thai Airways.

Like what many Singaporeans would say, the second trip was “same same, but different”.


The Time When I Betrayed SQ

An overview of my experience taking Thai Airways and Scandinavian Air Systems (SAS) from Singapore to America, stopping over at Bangkok, Thailand, Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

ZY Boston Clam Chowder

Braving the Cold – Boston Travelogue

The last stop of our US East Coast trip, we found ourselves in Boston exploring Cambridge and enjoying Lobster Rolls!


Getting High in New York City

Continuing our travelogue at the Big Apple, we explored sights like Chelsea Market, The Highline, Grand Central Terminal, wooden escalators at Macy’s, took in the night view from Top of the Rock and watched a Christmas Spectacular by The Rockettes!


Transatlantic Flight on Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airbus 330-300 Economy Class

My first experience on SAS!

ZY Washington DC

Enjoying Open Spaces in Washington DC, USA

Washington DC may not be as appealing as New York City, but the open spaces, free museums and not-as-crowded airport makes it a great location to springboard a USA East Coast tour!

Boston Sail Loft off Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park , beside the harbour clam chowder overflowing with goodness

Are The Lobster Rolls In Boston Really As Good As They Say?

Type “Must Eat in Boston” and the first on the list is Lobster Roll. With Singaporeans so familiar with seafood, will the Lobster Roll in Boston meet the Lion City’s expectations?


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