3-2-1 for July 2015


Well, I’m a little overdue on this, but it’s better late than never, right?

3 Blessings

The very first thing that came to my mind when I looked back on the past month was that near-miss I had on the road.

Interestingly, in the lead up to that fateful night, I had felt the fatigue creeping into my life and being constantly distracted from the road (most likely drifting into the twilight zone). It was then I made the decision that I should take the shuttle from home to work, and start looking to sell my car.

And then it happened, when I nearly knocked into a cyclist. Lucky for me, there was no impact and both of us left with just a feeling of shock and awe.


On a brighter side, I had the honour of helping Ruth in her wedding, by being the emcee for both the church wedding and the wedding dinner.

The first was something I had never done before and never in my life had I imagined myself doing something so important in such a religious establishment.

The day continued into the night, when I shuttled between the stage and food. The stuttering in the morning was gone by night (thankfully!) and I left with memories of my good working partner Fidia and the well-done food by Novotel.

Not to mention the fantastic bay view from the Novotel suite!


The 3rd blessing was the fact that I survived a crazy month with hectic weekends!

The month started off, of course, with the emcee job for Ruth. I had a chance to rest, before I had to burn a whole weekend to do testing for the new Learning Management System that was to be launched the next week.

A crazy week of troubleshooting and answering to calls of users who were new to the system ensued, and I closed the week with being a tour guide to our Cabin Crew training facilities in the first ever SIA Open House.

I barely recovered from the excitement, before I realized I had to attend my long-overdue Orientation. In between the 10-day programme, I had to attend meetings and conduct tours. I closed off the month with another weekend burnt, for Le Club’s anniversary event “Le Fete National” on Friday evening, helping out in the opening of the Cabin Crew Month the next morning, and going understudy for my first ever recruitment exercise.

There were lots of hiccups, but my blessing was that I managed to breeze through with rather minimal damage 🙂


2 Learning Points / Achievements

My first learning point was derived from that hectic few weeks.

Although I had read about the importance of sitting down and make plans, I find it hard to resist running off to fight fires. I am more intrigued by the proposition of a puzzle to be solved, than to work out the administrative work of a long-drawn project.

I was burnt a few times because of that, and luckily, I emerged safe and sound.

To make a positive twist to the saga, I survived so that I could make good for the future challenges to come.

It's all about bridging the differences.

It’s all about bridging the differences.

The next learning point was how I have a clearer idea of the make up of the organization I am working in.

It was large, but at the same time, it is small. I could draw many parallels between working in both my current and past workplace, mainly because the people I work with are after all humans, and humans behave in the same ways.

I was lucky that in my short time in prison, I was placed in 2 positions that allowed me to have a quick scan of all personality types. Despite how I could easily box people into a few general labels, when they come together and work in different configurations, they could produce a myriad of working environment, systems and processes.

Prisons and SIA are both similar and different in their own rights.

1 Action

Arising of the near misses, I would have to take immediate action to make plans, no matter how short term, for every work day.

My work seemed to be less straight forward than most others, and it is all the more that I be disciplined to sit through the planning process.




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