Akimitsu 秋光: Signature Tendon That Makes Me Keep Returning For More

Akimitsu 秋光 Signature Tendon

It is interesting how I always write about food places that I go, and perhaps only return every half a year or so, but I miss out my usual eating places.

Akimitsu 秋光, which is operated by the same company managing Ajisen Ramen and Menya Musashi), specialises in Tendons, although it also serves up other yummy Japanese food. Their Signature Tendon, which costs just slightly over $10, guarantees satisfaction gastronomically and visually, so much so that I kept returning it for more.

Akimitsu 秋光 Signature Tendon with Assorted Tempura like Prawns Fish and Shitake Mushroom

How I Found Akimitsu 秋光

I first ate at Akimitsu 秋光 when I was working around Changi Business Park. On normal days, I would eat at the canteen at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). On days I want to pamper myself, I would take the train and go one stop down Downtown Line to look for lunch at Changi City Point.

One day, I met up with an ex colleague to have lunch at Changi City Point. We were deciding between eating Curry is Drink and Akimitsu 秋光 – they were side by side and were technically 2 stores operated as one. During off-peak hours, it is possible to order food from the other section. As we ended up choosing to seat ourselves at Curry is Drink, we were not able to try the tendons from Akimitsu 秋光.

That sort of planted the idea for me to go and try out Akimitsu 秋光 the next time I was at Changi City Point.

Overall Layout

Most of the restaurants in the basement of Changi City Point adopted an open concept seating, which was good, because Akimitsu 秋光 had that open concept style kitchen, where one can see the chefs preparing the food through the glass window of the kitchen. Passerby can also see what’s up in the kitchen when they passes by.

However, this also meant that the fumes from the deep frying wasn’t kept in the kitchen very well. The open concept of the restaurant then makes it more desirable to dine in there.

After all, no one wants to return to their offices smelling of (fragrant) oil!

Like all the brands in the franchise, one can order their food from the iPad at the tables.

At busy times when they have to split or rearrange tables, some tables may not have the iPads. That was when the servers would be around to take the orders personally.

Tendons of All Kinds

On my first few visits, I tried a few types of tendons. They had those that consist of Chicken Tempura Tendon, Prawn Tempura Tendon, or Vegetarian Tendon. I ended up with ordering the Signature Tendon for my subsequent visits.

Akimitsu 秋光 Signature Tendon

The first reason why I ended up ordering Akimitsu 秋光’s Signature Tendon was that it was the best deal in the whole restaurant (goes to show how many times I went to). The Chicken Tempura Tendon was slightly smaller in serving, but it was about $2 more expensive. The Prawn Tempura Tendon was even more expensive, but less filling! (Of course, if you really like prawns, you should still go for its Prawn Tempura Tendon).

The Signature Tendon comes with 2 Prawn Tempuras, 1 Fish Tempura, 1 Brinjal Tempura, 1 Corn Tempura, 1 Pumpkin Tempura, 1 Shitake Mushroom Tempura, 2 French Beans Tempura, 1 Seaweed and 1 runny Sunny Side Up sitting atop a generous bed of soft Japanese rice.

The serving is so huge, I always either had to have a late dinner after that, or made sure I had light breakfast (though… I always look for this comfort food when I was feeling moody, so I wasn’t always prepared to have light breakfasts lol)

Tendon from Tendon Kohaku in Chinatown Point

Like Tendon Kohaku?

You can say that the Signature Tendon is very much like the Tendon from Tendon Kohaku (the picture I used above was taken when I was at Tendon Kohaku in Chinatown Point, which do not see as long a queue as that in Suntec City).

However, the tempura batter was more crusty (or perhaps crunchier is the better word) than that from Tendon Kohaku. The texture of Tendon Kohaku’s tend towards softer and lighter. Of course, despite also serving a variety of tempura (from 2 prawns to vegetable tempura), and also serving their Tendon in 2 bowls, the serving from Tendon Kohaku is smaller.

I also liked the tempura sauce that was drizzled on the Signature Tendon from Akimitsu 秋光. Yes, it was salty, but yes, I like it salty.

Be Aware of the Signature Tendon Too…

The reality is that for such a big serving at such a low price, the “quality” will not be as good as that found in Tendon Kohaku. However, I couldn’t really taste the difference – when you are eating deep fried food, whether the food is the freshest no longer matters!

There were some outright misses, though. Sometimes, my tempura came out very oily – either they had no time to make sure the oil dripped off, or that the temperature of the oil was not high enough. There were also times when the tempura came out too hard (which do hurt the my gums).

That being said, the overall experience of eating the Signature Tendon from Akimitsu 秋光 was still a wonderful one.

I think that was also the reason why Akimitsu 秋光 had expanded its operations to various parts of Singapore (yes, and in Waterway Point!). Many of us aren’t gourmets with tongues that are as sensitive as the Large Hadron Collider. Instead, we’re contented with food that is average or above average, that won’t burn a hole in our wallets after the meal.

Akimitsu 秋光 is one of them that gives foodgasm without breaking the bank.

That was also the reason why I kept returning to it for times when I felt I needed to pamper myself after enduring much shit at work!

Akimitsu 秋光 Signature Tendon with Assorted Tempura like Prawns Fish and Shitake Mushroom 2

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Till then, eat happy!

All the photos and videos in this blog post were taken on my Google Pixel XL; I edit my photos, where necessary, to provide a better viewing experience for my readers.

Akimitsu 秋光

Changi City Point
6444 0911

Look for the outlet in Changi City Point through the map below, or search for their outlets islandwide on their Facebook page!


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