Fly You Fools: Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim

Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim - pre-WWII fighter jet exhibit.

Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim is one the 3 museums managed by Deutsches Museum that you can buy a combi-ticket to, and visit at your own pace. In other words, you buy tickets to all 3 museums at one discounted price, and you can visit all of them across several days.



Considering that the main Deutsches Museum in the city centre of Munich is humongous (we took 1 full day to cover the site, by scurrying through. So a detailed tour should take more than 2 days), that seemed a rather good deal. (Read my trip report on the main Deutsches Museum HERE)

The catch is that Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim is not exactly near the city centre. It is a 24-min train ride to the suburbs (40 minutes if your starting point is Deutsches Museum), and required a rather lengthy walk (perhaps about 20 minutes of brisk walk) across a laid back neighbourhood before you even reach the main entrance.

However, as an aviation enthusiast, I would say it was worth it.


Where do we look first?

Planes, Planes and MORE PLANES

It was an aviation museum after all.

The museum grounds is converted from an old airport (think 1930s airfield) and 2 hangars. The main entrance, where the cafe, shop and lockers are, is at the old 2-storey terminal building.

In the main atrium, there is an exhibit of planes from all ages offering a visual orgasm for aviation geeks.

At the annex that takes visitors through various rooms and sometimes up to a 2nd storey, there were pictorial exhibits detailing the history of the museum (read the museum’s history here). To me, this is the boring part 😛

The adjacent building is a hangar where operating planes are housed. Yes, because this is still an active airfield, albeit for small and private planes, we got to see (from a catwalk) the inside of a small-scale hangar!

The 3rd building is a cavernous hangar housing EVEN MORE PLANES.

Among the collection are decommissioned fighter planes, bombers and cargo planes. This is where the fun begins.

Unlike the first one, visitors get to step inside the planes, sometimes even taking the pilot seat of a fighter plane! And then there are catwalks that offers views of the planes not just from bottom-up, but also at eye level!


Neues Schloss

Neues Schloss and Palace Grounds

Not included in the ticket price is the tour of Neues Schloss and Palace Grounds, which a visitor will at least pass by when walking to Museum Flugwerft.

To have a sense of how massive the palace grounds are, the premises I passed by on my way to Museum Flugwerft was just the nursery. One has to cut through the elongated building (it should be about 200m long) in order to reach the fore garden. Cross the garden, and the ticketing office is at the wing closer to the Museum Flugwerft (yes, the office is NOT in the middle of the building lol).

Or, you can look at the photos below.


How massive is it?

We went during winter and on an off day, so we could not enter the palace. However, we were able to walk the gardens of the palace, which, although dried up and devoid of greenery in winter, had an enticing charm to it. There were tree-lined walks, symmetrical landscaping and colossal building.

However, after walking through 2 museums earlier in the day, we could not cover the entire garden and had to forgo Schloss Lustheim which was about 1.4km away from Neues Schloss (about 20 minutes walk).

Scenic Canals

As mentioned, the Museum Flugwerft was a 20-min walk from the S Bahn station, passing by Neues Schloss along the way, there were plenty of scenic canals, either bordering the Schloss grounds, or plainly dug out for drainage purposes around the town.

The canal around Neues Schloss especially had a goose and ducks frolicking in the cold waters. In case you are not familiar with Singaporeans, we have a fetish for freezing weather and animals we only saw in story books when growing up.

Take Note

Due to the sparse population, it got super chilly when we were walking in the gardens; my fingers froze every time I took them out of my pocket just to take one picture, and the heat pack lost heat rapidly in the freezing cold. The Museum Flugwerft itself, though, was well-heated and had lockers, just like the other Deutsches Museums, to keep one’s belongings, so that one can tour the museum easily.

I loved Neues Schloss even though it was winter and the water features were dried up. I just have a fetish for things desolate and cold. However, if you do a quick search on Google, you will find that the palace is lush and vibrant in the summer. Therefore, plan your visit to Neues Schloss according to your preference; you can totally skip it if you are visiting in winter and is not interested in a winter-scene.

How to Get There

Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim

Effnerstraße 18, 85764 Oberschleißheim, Germany

+49 89 3157140

From city centre, take S1 towards the direction of Munich International Airport and alight at Oberschleißheim. Once you alight, turn right (you should see a flyover at the end of the platform) and exit the station. There are signs along the road directing towards Museum Flugwerft, but it’s basically just following the road (there are not turns to navigate). Once you reach the palace grounds of Neues Schloss, you should be at Museum Flugwerft in 5 – 10 minutes.

Of course, there is also a bus service 295 that drops you at the main road just before Neues Schloss, if you are adventurous enough.

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