All Toasts Are Equal… Not

If you found my last micro review for Bee Kee Wanton Noodle useful, here’s another to rock the boat.

If you think all toasts are made equal, think again. My personal assistant N said he tried toast from Ya Kun and Toastbox and thinks only one is worth buying.

You heard it right.

Toasts are toasts. No matter how the fan boys swear that the toast they support are the best in Singapore (and ya.. ya.. also in JB), as long as the toast don’t taste like shit, we don’t really care where we buy them from.

Except when one actually costs more per cubic cm.

Cubic whuuutttt?

Here’s a picture of both toasts put side by side.

Guess which one costs more?

Toastbox Kaya Toast costs 90 cents more and the quantity is 3/4 that of Yakun’s.

Don’t believe? Go and verify. Remember to take pictures to prove me wrong.

Yakun toast set, with a cup of black coffee, stack of kaya toasts, runny half boiled eggs. The soya sauce and pepper can be seen in the background.
I posit that Ya Kun is better, as their toast is thicker and cheaper.

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