McDonald’s Fish Season

Fish Season in McDonald's in early 2018.

By now, everyone would have received the “bad news”: McDonald’s Chocolate Pie is now out of stock! To be honest, I didn’t quite fancy the pie; it was fancy and novel, but a little too “heaty” for my liking. However, that does not diminish the hype around McDonald’s Fish Season!

Instead, I liked the Fish and Fries that was introduced together with the pie.

Fish Season in McDonald's in early 2018.

If you had been living under a rock for the past few weeks, let me give you a recap: McDonald’s released a new fish item (after like donkey years), namely the Fish and Fries, and Sweet Chilli Fish Burger. The desserts that were introduced together were the Chocolate Pie and Thai Milk Tea ice cream (cone/sundae), all under the campaign “Fish Season”.

Knowing there would be a stampede to try out the new items, I held off my craving till the weekend to scout for a less crowded McDonald’s outlet to get my fix. My first target was Fish and Fries.

Fish Season in McDonald's in early 2018. Seen here is Fish and Fried with Chocolate Pie and a drink.

The Fish and Fries was just that: breaded fish with small fries. I topped it up with a meal that included a drink and the Chocolate Pie. Unlike some “high class” restaurants serving breaded fish, McDonald’s fish was not flaky. Instead, it was firm, full in texture, and yet was soft and sweet. The garlic marinate was strong, yet complemented the fish very well. The meal included tartar sauce (quite unlike that found in Filet-o-Fish, which was lighter) that I felt didn’t quite pair with the fish as well as the sweet chilli sauce that I will mention later.

Like I mentioned, I found the Chocolate Pie satisfyingly sweet, with the cocoa taste bursting full awesomeness in the mouth. The gooey chocolate filling was more like dark chocolate, which was the reason why it felt “heaty” despite its goodness. One pie would be enough, though I felt the pie should be best shared.

Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream sold in McDonald's Singapore in early 2018.

Now that the Chocolate Pie is out of stock (Amen!), the only other alternative we have is the Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream, which can come in the form of the ice cream cone or the sundae. I myself tried the sundae: Thai Milk Tea with Chocolate Fudge – as if the sweetness was not enough!

Alone, the soft service ice cream was full of Thai Milk Tea goodness (I read on my FB that some people complained the ice cream was bland, yet I felt it was rich. Guess the taste i subjective then!). I thought adding the hot fudge was overkill, which made me swear off sweets for one week lol If you are someone who prefers lighter taste, you will be better off with Thai Milk Tea ice cream cone 🙂

Fish Season in McDonald's in early 2018.

The Sweet Chilli Fish Burger made use of the same fish filet as Fish and Fries, but sandwiched it between orange-coloured buns (that didn’t taste any different from the normal ones), topped with chopped salad found in its Buttermilk Chicken Signature Sandwich and namesake sweet chilli.

If I can have a say, I would recommend that the Fish and Fries be served with the sweet chilli, either as a dip or be drizzled over the fish. They totally complement each other! The orange freak buns and salad were just distractions.

Fish Season in McDonald's in early 2018.

p/s: I experimented dipping the fish in McDonald’s own garlic chilli sauce and tomato sauce. Although the former had garlic just like the fish, and that I had said that the sweet chilli complemented the fish, the combination of garlic chilli sauce with the fish did not go well. Amazingly, the garlic taste seemed to cancel each other out and the outcome tasted like a salty mess. The tomato sauce fared not much better, even though seafood was supposed to taste better with sour dips. The fish also tasted salty when paired with ketchup. I suppose the fish was too unique to be simply paired with any average sauce!

Post-edit: What do you think of the Fish Season by McDonald’s? Apparently, it was so good that McDonald’s revived it in Spring 2019! The new Fish and Fries tasted bland, but it could be the effect of “first time’s too good” memories.

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Chocolate Pie, limited edition, sold in McDonald's Fish Season in early 2018.

Bonus! Not Fish Season Related 😛

In the same week when McDonald’s rolled out Fish Season, Old Chang Kee introduced a new curry puff: Nasi Lemak Puff. In the outlet nearest to my office, they were always sold out by lunch time. It was only 1 week later that I managed to get my hands onto the sell-out.

And I thought I might as well didn’t.

It was just sambal chilli wrapped with a green-coloured puff skin, and dashed with some chicken bits and eggs. It was so spicy there was no other taste to speak of.

Stay away from this overhyped item if you don’t want to waste your calories!

Nasi Lemak curry puff sold in Old Chang Kee Singapore in early 2018.

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