Goodbye Vancouver

ZY Goodbye Vancouver

Over the weekend, I flew back to Singapore. This post marks the end of my 1 year life as a student across the Pacific at Vancouver, Canada.

Looking back, it had been a tumultuous year.

Right from the start, my flight from SIN-HKG-YVR was cancelled due to the protests in Hong Kong. After I arrived, I fell very sick from food poisoning, which had me almost bedridden (or shall I say, toiletridden?) for more than a week.

I fell very sick again at the turn of the year, which left me voiceless for almost a month. When I finally recovered, Covid-19 set in and got me stuck at home for most of my remaining 4 months in the coastal city.

There were nice memories along the way too. Friends whom I would never have made, if I had chosen to stay put in my current life.

We had road trips up to Squamish and Whistler, and across Vancouver Island. We trekked Capilano River and checked out UBC. I worked as a grocery stocker climbing up shelves in the warehouse, and later as a Career Ambassador helping students find employment. I took walks in the parks and saw local sights that normal tourists would never find. I also popped over to Seattle to experience what it felt walking down the promenade of the rainy city.

I will re-post my entries as a Singaporean in Canada in this blog, since I would be closing the other blog.

For now, as a remembrance of my life in Vancouver, here is the heart-shaped tree beside the bus stop where I stood waiting for my commute to school through the seasons.

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