If “9” Is Invented In Today’s World

What if Number Nine was Invented today? The power of Perspectives

By now, we would have been familiar with the titular image, used to bring across the message of empathy and perspectives.

What if… the way to write the number Nine is invented only in today’s world?

If "9" Is Invented In Today's World, perspective of 6 and 9

Back when this way of writing “9” was invented, people realised there was a confusion; they realised that even when they wrote “6”, someone could, depending on how they orientate themselves with respect to the writing, interpret that as “9”. It constituted to a communication error, and people went around it by drawing a line beneath the number they wrote, to indicate the proper orientation of the number to the reader.

In other words, back in the past, we worked on what we were given and improvised.

If the writing of “9” were to be invented today (assuming that the writing for “6” had been invented earlier), the reaction would have been different.

Someone would realise “9” was an inverted “6” and complain about it online.

The number of haters would gain traction and they would petition to have the inventor persecuted.

They would refuse to adopt the writing of “9” and called for an alternative writing for “9”.

A competition would be held to ask for suggestions to write “9” the “proper way”.

Then they would realise they need to devise a set of criteria to define what a “proper way” to write numbers should be.

This would result in an overhaul of the whole writing system for numbers.

And then someone else will use that precedent to overhaul the alphabetical writing system.

^&(HNIJ*%*(*_)(IIHUI%^&$^RIfUHgOhIhI HrU jGjY%^*^(*)(IHYF^RT*&H(Ughjt

All in the name of perfection and continual improvement.

Life is hard already, should we make it even harder by pursuing gains that don’t seem to be adding value as much as the effort put in?

And if we were to really protest against how “9” is to be written, we will not recognise the sex industry as we do today.


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