Jun on Hindsight

The past June was a great school holidays of sort. Other than less congested roads during peak hours, it was the first time since I started working that Ramadan was the most relaxing for me. For the past 6 years, Ramadan (and the months leading up to it) was the most tense, as everyone in the prison would prepare for the event. This year, however, it slipped by and is now almost gone.

The month also saw me visiting Pink Dot. It was a unique experience, because I have avoided social/mass events, other than concerts and Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. N and I dropped by, by walking through the park to take in the sights and sounds. The crowd was too much to bear, and we could barely move around in that tight space. So we were out within half an hour.

Work was peaceful, with nothing much to rave about. Peace at work, it seems like a double-bladed sword, especially when it’s still early in my time at SIA. I got to be the tour guide for distinguished delegates from PRC. Though I was not the 1st choice (I landed the task after my colleagues fell sick), and I was really still new to the job, I was really glad to be able to have that opportunity and boy! was I glad that the tour went without a glitch.

There were of course not so happy moments at work, but that was part and parcel of working life, I guess. I’m still quite glad that I manage to stay safe despite commuting to work through driving every day (no accidents, thank God!) and that I pulled through a nasty bout of food poisoning.

Other than that, time to up my ante at work and be at my best.

*fingers crossed*

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