M Hotel: Oasis in the Concrete Jungle


I have stayed in M Hotel twice in 2015, both times for different reasons, and only for a short staycation. However, that does not mean I did not have enough time to savour what the hotel has to offer for its guests.

My first stay was in March 2015, during the wake of LKY. I booked the room in the event that we ended early in the morning, so there would be no need to queue up for taxis just to get home. It was also then I found out that M Hotel has a flash discount, in which one gets to book a room for only $15o for a night, very close to the time of stay. However, that is a room-only rate, and has no other frills thrown in. Such a rate also does not count towards clocking up nights for members.


We also managed to get a room upgrade for that night, so we checked in to a spacious room that had a gigantic study desk that greeted us upon arrival. Adorning the desk was a couch that allowed one to snooze by the window overlooking the PSA terminal, where the sea unfolded beyond the colourful stacks of containers, extending to the horizon beyond. The desk also had a chair that was fit for a Chairman. Sitting in either chair made one feel comfortable at once.

The other centerpiece was of course the bed. It was comfortable and followed the contours of the body. The TV was large enough and offered enough channels for channel-surfing, typical of a chillaxing staycation. The toilet was clean, though there was no separate shower (yes, I am a sucker for showers that saves me from climbing in and out of the bath tub and risk slipping and killing myself in the process).

M Hotel is situated in the middle of the CBD, which meant that it is in a ghost town on weekends. That being said, one can still find McDonald’s or Han’s for a quick fix (if hotel food is too expensive). In a 15-minute walking radius, there is Tanjong Pagar Complex that housed cheap hawker fare, budget restaurant food in its surrounding shophouses; there is also Marina Bay Financial Centre and One Raffles Place that house establishments that mirror those in the shopping district.


The Japanese restaurant at the corner of Tanjong Pagar Complex serves up yummy ramen without costing an arm or a leg.

The peace was what made me return to the place, and to enjoy the facilities I did not get to enjoy the first time around.

For one, there was the pool. The pool was surrounded by office buildings, making it look like an oasis in the concrete jungle. Luckily for me, weekends meant no one was in the office to make me feel all self-conscious when I took out my Tortilla chips to have a picnic by the pool.

The pool itself was decent enough for a relaxed swim; there was an end that was 1.8m deep, so it was not a pool just for dipping and splashing water round for the kids. The gym was just beside the pool, and offered enough equipment for a good workout.


Breakfast was served in Cafe 2000; as outdated as its name was, the place still served up decent breakfast. However, Cafe 2000 is more known for its seafood buffet, which we made a point to stay back after check out to enjoy. The seafood, like prawns and oysters, were fresh and succulent. The desserts were not too sweet and was a great way to top off a heavy meal.







On weekends, they served Seafood and Barbeque buffet at dinner times, and free flow of wines and champagne for Sunday Brunch, that is, if one is willing to part with more cash.

All in all, M Hotel offers a good hideaway from all the hustle and bustle, and yet one need not worry about losing contact with the world. It was like being able to have the best of both worlds while on a staycation.

M Hotel Singapore

81 Anson Road

Singapore, 079908

T. +65 6224 1133

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