New Cake from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is Packed with Droolsome Goodness

Yes, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has, in its continuous drive to come up with new products, introduced a new cake: Pandan Gula Melaka Cake.

There’s actually nothing surprisingly new here; various cake shops and dessert places have their own version of the pandan cake. For example, Bengawan Solo not only has the classic sponge Pandan Cake, but it also has that chiffon version, which oozes with goodness at every but into the moist bed of bliss.

CBTL pieces different elements together to come up with something that is unique, yet familiar.

The focus is on the pandan chiffon layers, sandwiched with light cream to enhance the texture. This was topped off with coconut shavings that adds a fragrant crunch to every bite.

Gula Melaka, that sweet, coconut-ish supporting role that is ever-present in every Singaporean’s favourite dessert, was drizzled over the cake. If that is still not enough, this sauce is soaked in-between the layers of chiffon and cream (just think of tiramisu) and the edge of the cake is evenly drenched in that wonderful syrup.

So imagine this… With every bite, not only do you have layers of texture, there’s also wave after wave of tastefulness, from the strong flavour of the main pandan cake, to the underlying gula melaka that bursts through the pandan. After swallowing everything, the lingering taste of coconut surfaces to finish off the experience.

To top off the experience, pair the cake with a cup of aromatic black coffee. Yes, sans sugar, because the cake will more than make up for it! When the bitterness of the coffee fades off, the fruity undertones will swirl around your tastebuds, dancing a tango with the lingering pandan, leaving one to yearn for more!

This has to be the best comfort food that comes from CBTL for a long time. And they better keep this spirit of innovation up!

The Pandan Gula Melaka Cake can be found at all CBTL stores in Singapore, and is selling at $6.40 per slice, or $70 per whole cake.

Xiong Xiong teddy bear posing with Gula Melaka cake from Coffee Bean Tea LeaF, paired with a cup of black coffee.

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