Off The Cuff: Durian Season


No thanks to the prolonged drought plaguing South East Asia, the durian season in the Malaysian peninsula is delayed for 1 month. That is not to say that durian lovers will abandon it just because the season does not coincide with the school holidays season.

Just over the last weekend, my office peeps gathered to have a Durian Party. Luckily for us, our Honourable Purchaser J placed the order before the price (for Mao Shan Wang) went crazily high ($28 per kg wtf?) and locked the price at $18 per kg.


The Queen of Durian (one who can continuously down durian for hours on end) demonstrating the grace of prying the fruit open.

On the menu was (in order of intensity): Red Prawn, D24 and MSW.

Red Prawn, being the lightest-flavoured, was sweet with fruity flavour. D24, despite its popularity many years ago, has been relegated to ‘just normal’. MSW was heavy, creamy and one could only savour just 1 or 2 seed before feeling satiated.

We all agreed that Red Prawn was the star of the day.

The lightness allowed us to savour its sweetness and fruity-ness. Considering it was also the cheapest of the lot, that made Red Prawn the most valuable buy of the party.






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