Off The Cuff: Sing Your Way Home


I was walking from the bus stop back home, which was a good 5 minutes walk, when the person who was walking in front of me started to sing aloud.


The fact is, when I was younger, I used to sing while walking. I would make sure there was no one around me and I would sing. And interestingly, I almost always had the opportunity to sing. Be it between my school to the bus stop 10 minutes away, or between my Grandma’s and my home.

Even during NUS days, when I had to walk from Central Library back to PGP, I would also hum or sing.

To be frank, I forgot when I stopped singing.

It could have been when I started working, when there was no Mi time.

My walk to work was always busy, busy with officers knocking off or going to work. I had to be busy greeting everyone who looked in my way, or to carry out small talk with whomever was reporting to work with me.

Lately, I have been singing on my way home, but in my head. It did not occur to me to sing aloud.

But perhaps I won’t. It’s unbecoming of a grown man to be singing aloud in a public place.

Oh well…

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