Amari Watergate Hotel

Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand - façade of the hotel.

Bangkok is such a tourist-y place that there is no shortage of hotels to stay. How then, should one choose a hotel t stay in Bangkok?


Consider the following factors when deciding to stay in Amari Watergate Hotel, and see if they will convince you to stay there.



The comfort that this hotel provides is definitely more than what a budget traveller can handle. If you can spare SGD300 a night to stay in Bangkok, you will not be disappointed with the comfort of the bed, spaciousness of the room, cleanliness and dining facilities (all these are expected when you pay that sum of money!) that the hotel can offer.



Like all standard hotels, breakfast can be included in the room price, though many Singaporeans would rather eat at Bangkok’s many outlets.

Except for the fact that those Bangkok outlets are not necessarily opened if you are an early riser/shopper, or if you desire something plain and less stimulating.

The dining hall (I’d call it hall because it was big, and it was big because many Singaporeans still eat there) could seat many people comfortably, had ample sunshine and was terraced, which might not be ideal for people with difficulties in walking.

That being said, the food offering was varied and palatable. I won’t call the food delicious, but they can definitely satiate one before they advance into the Bangkok heat to start the day’s shopping.


However, the most defining factor of the hotel must be the hub of tailors at level 2.

There are at least 4 tailors located on the 2nd storey (just 1 level up from the main lobby), targeting various groups of customers. These tailors are most frequented by Singapore boys, who would drop by for the affordable, but well-tailored formal wear. Of course, the tailors attend to ladies’ wear too.

The tailors promise to let you bring the finished products within 3 days, if not, they will mail the clothes to you (just pay SGD 40). They also offer promotions in the form of bulk discounts; I used to make a set of 1 blazer, 2 pants and 3 shirts for SGD400. I also made 10 shirts for the same price too. The quality is rather good (easy-iron, no loose string and still surviving after wearing for a year) and they allow customisation for little or no price at all (number of pockets, cuffs etc).

Do note the ‘fine prints’ for receiving your goods in 3 days; you must reach the hotel before their closing time of 6pm to place your order and get your measurements taken (that makes the Day 1 of the promise). Then, return the next day for 1st fitting. If there is no further alterations required, you can receive all clothes in the late afternoon of the next day.

The final caveat is, of course, they do not have too many orders. That makes tailoring your clothes over a long weekend a great challenge.


Amari Watergate isn’t actually the most ideal hotel to stay in for shopping. considering that it is about 2 city blocks away from the main shopping district along Siam station. That being said, the hotel still presents a good proposition because of the following:


Pratunam a.k.a Platinum

Almost every Singaporean knows Platinum. It sells all sorts of stuff at outlet prices (yes, cheaper than that along the Siam shopping street) and even has eating places for quick recharges in between shopping fever.

And this shopping haven is just across the road Amari Watergate, complete with a sheltered pedestrian crossing.

Big C

This other shopping haven was my favourite, since I get to top up at least half a year’s stock of groceries and toiletries. After all, I have 30KG of check in luggage to fill on SIA, right?

Big C is also connected to Central World via a sheltered walkway. In fact, all 3 places can be reached from Amari Watergate, sheltered from the elements as well as away from the crazy Bangkok traffic!

Central World

CW is a humongous shopping mall, just behind Pratunam, except that one need to circum-navigate Pratunam, cross the canal before entering the grounds of CW. Even though it is a shopping mall like most other you find in Bangkok, it is the only one near Amari Watergate, and therefore, offering the guests a different kind of shopping experience aside from Pratunam and Big C, without breaking much sweat.

How to Get There

Bangkok is so conveniently linked, there are many options for one to reach Amari Watergate (BTS, taxis, MTR). The best advice I can give is how to get to Bangkok.

Considering the constraints mentioned if you want to be there for the made-to-measure clothing, the following flights by Singapore Airlines actually help to reduce indirect costs, with good timing (just take PM off on Friday, and you still have time on Sunday to collect the clothes and catch the return flight) and generous check-in allowances (30kg for Economy!).

Amari Watergate Hotel

847 Petchburi Road,


Bangkok 10400, Thailand

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