Review: Suzuki Cafe Company

Xiong Xiong teddy bear is looking at Fried Rice of Suzuki Cafe, with a cup of cappuccino.

Whenever someone talks about eating in Hong Kong, the image of a table of siew mai and chicken feet comes to mind. Or something similar.

However, people like me believe that a metropolis like Hong Kong should not be stereotyped to a city of bamboo baskets. Hence, when I walk around the city, I will still look for good places to eat, even if it means a Japanese fusion restaurant in a Chinese city.



Suzuki Cafe Company is at L4 of The One. The One is off TST MTR station, opposite the mosque, with a narrow facade.


This is not a top-tier cafe, so there should not be high expectations of the level of service. Overall, the service is so-so.

Crew presence is lacking; The staff liked to congregate near the cashier / bar counter. However, the cafe layout is elongated, and I was seated on the far end, so staff presence was literally not present most of the time. However, when they took my order, or when they served my meal, they were warm and gentle. They even reminded me that I should add some of the Japanese pepper into my rice.


This was a typical Japanese fusion cafe, with a mix of Korean food style (as evident from the item I ordered). Do not expect something out of the ordinary. One should be here for decent comfort food.



Ordered: Tiramisu Latte, Eel Fried Pot Rice

The latte was so-so. It was not yucky, but neither does it have a wow factor that made me relinquish it for days to come.

For the fried rice, it was unique, with a little bit of Korean style. It had plenty of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot, which compensated for the oiliness of the rice. Although the serving looked bland and small, it was rather filling and I did not yearn for dessert after that.

As mentioned, I was told to add a dash of the Japanese pepper in my rice. I did, for a small portion of it, just for tasting. Personally, the pepper tasted too fishy for my liking; there was none of the spiciness a pepper condiment should have. I preferred my rice in its original state.


The cafe had alfresco dining; the section overlooks the streets below. The cafe was also in a quiet corner of the building (far end of the building, away from Nathan Road).

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