Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick [Review]

Sandisk Wifi Stick, only available online at Singapore Airlines' KrisShop.

Recently, I received a gift that is the Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick. Basically, it is a thumbdrive that you can also connect to using WiFi to add/delete/amend files (read the details on the official website). Quite convenient, I would say.

What is so unique about the stick I received, then?

Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick, only available online at Singapore Airlines' KrisShop.

This is an exclusive on Singapore Airlines’ Krisshop. Other than being white, it is also available only in 200GB, both of which are features not available for sale elsewhere.

View the first-look video here:

The easiest way to access the files stored on the drive is by plugging it into the USB port. Otherwise, the user will have to access the drive by downloading the app “Sandisk Connect”, available for Apple and Android devices.

Also, the only way to charge the device is to plug it into a PC/laptop. First charge requires about 2 hours, but according to the manual, subsequent charges only take you 1 hour. There is an indicator light on the gadget to tell you when the device is fully-charged, or when it requires charging. The LED light also indicates its power on/off status.

After activating the app, users will be prompted to connect to the drive. The following screenshots are what will be seen when users open the app for the first time.

One good thing about using this stick is that you can connect to the drive, without sacrificing your internet access. This is especially useful when you also want to cast the photos/videos on the drive onto your TV/monitor.

The user interface is quite intuitive, especially for those who are familiar with navigating apps. For example, by clicking on the 3 vertical dots at the upper right hand corner, you can adjust how the files are sorted or viewed in the screen. In the example below, one can easily toggle between grid view or list view by accessing this menu. Similarly, the guide that allows you to connect to both the drive and the internet is clear and simple to follow.

For more complex settings, one can click on the icon at the upper left hand corner at the Home screen. This brings up a menu of items that include changing the name of the drive and activating passwords for the drive.

Therefore, users who are concerned about unauthorised access can also set passwords to restrict access.

Compared to accessing photos stored on my Olympus camera via WiFi, the Sandisk Connect offers a breezier access, even though online reviewers insist this is not the fastest gadget in the market. To me, it is fast enough.

When I tried to transfer a folder via the wireless connection, the process took about 10 minutes to transfer 1.2GB worth of data. The parameters include:

  • Only 1 device (my phone) was connected
  • The 2 devices were placed next to each other
  • My phone’s model is Samsung Note 3 (yes, it’s coming to 4 years old!)
  • There were less than 10GB of data on the stick

For Windows devices (or rather, PC/laptop/Surface), one just need to connect to the stick via the WiFi network (the way you would connect to a WiFi network, except that you connect to your Sandisk stick). Then, access the folders on the drive using internet browser, by using the following URL:

The downside is that you will lose internet connection.

The aesthetics is also another factor (sorry, I’m superficial). Other than sporting the trendy grid pattern, it is also available in classy white, and no mere mortal can own it, unless they buy this off Singapore Airlines Krisshop! What’s more, the gargantuan capacity 200GB is also not available publicly, so by purchasing this gadget, you will own something that is at least 2 ways different from what ‘the others’ are using.

So why wait? Purchase yours online now, or take a flight to buy this Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick inflight!

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