Singapore Airshow 2018!

Wefie with fighter pilots (FLC Leo Wen Zhe and FLC Rayner Ng) from RSAF, inside the cockpit of a fighter jet, during Singapore Airshow 2018, held at Changi Exhibition Centre.


Believe it or not, I had not gone for a single Airshow until this year. Yes, even though I got involved in the aviation industry since 10 years back!

This year, due to a confluence of factors, I got myself tickets to the Singapore Airshow 2018!

I could not make it to the event on its opening day, so I parked myself at the corner of a building that overlooked the airspace over Changi Exhibition Centre and tried to film the aerobatic flight display.

On the 2nd day, I managed to find my way there to not just have a close up view of the aerobatic flight display, but also to be up close with the fighter jets, military cargo planes (I got myself into the cockpit of an F15 and C17!) and private jets at the static aircraft display!


Everybody was excited to see the Black Eagles from South Korea to perform, after their superb performance in the last airshow. Unfortunately, due to a burst tyre (which caused one of their jets to skid off the runway, overturned and caught fire), attendees of the airshow missed the Black Eagles reprise their act!

Luckily, Singapore’s very own RSAF put up an equally, if not superior, performance of their own! In conjunction with RSAF50, the pilots put together a series of maneuvers to commemorate the men and women who devoted their lives to maintain the security of the island nation’s skies for the past 50 years.

Watch my video to catch the exciting performance of RSAF, together with that from Royal Thai Air Force,  Royal Malaysian Air Force, Indonesian Air Force and US Air Force! In addition, take a look at the trade exhibits at the airshow, where Changi Airport Group showcased their prized jewel, Jewel Changi Airport, set to open in 2019! CAAS also showed the world their vision of Singapore’s aviation through the adoption of advanced technologies like virtual air traffic control.

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