Starbucks Pancakes Give the Simplest Pleasures

Starbucks Pancakes paired with Arnotts maple syrup, strawberry jam and butter. A cup of Chestnut Espresso is in the background.

Considering how much of a Starbuck junkie I am, I had people tell me what was nice (and not) every now and then. One time, I was told to try out Starbucks Pancakes. I was like… It’s just pancakes? How will Starbucks Pancakes be much better?

Because of my skepticism, I ended up trying them Starbucks Pancakes for the first time only recently. Yep! Roughly 1 year I was told this was da pancakes to have! I was not feeling very hungry (having had late breakfast), so I thought I would just order a set of pancakes to peck at.

Except for its more-than-average thickness, the stack of 3 looked real plain and unassuming! And being Starbucks, they paired the pancakes with butter, strawberry jam and, of course, maple syrup.

Starbucks Pancakes paired with Arnotts maple syrup, strawberry jam and butter. A cup of Chestnut Espresso is in the background.

I tried my first pancake in its most original form – sans everything.

First thought? It tasted like Chinese Egg Muffin (鸡蛋糕). This was not supposed to be surprising, considering that all pancakes / waffles / Chinese muffins were made from the same ingredients. It’s just interesting that this was the first time I could taste one in another!

Like the muffin, the pancake had a rich milky, sweet flavour, with a fluffy texture to it. It definitely tasted different from your usual McDonald’s pancakes!

Next, I smeared butter over the Starbucks Pancakes – it did nothing much to alter the taste or sensation. Admittedly, this also meant that the pancakes were too strong in flavour.

I then tried the pancake with some strawberry jam – nope! The 2 clashed like Drogon and Viserion. A sharp metallic taste quickly filled my mouth and drowned whatever decency the Starbucks Pancakes had originally.

Lucky for me, I only tried a segment of the pancake with the jam.

Finally, it was time to drench the last of the Starbucks Pancakes in them heavenly maple syrup.

Can I say if there’s heaven, they should stock up both the Starbucks Pancakes with maple syrup?

Like I said, the pancakes was richly sweet and milky, so the maple syrup added a sort of flat-sweet and a second layer of woody fragrance.

That being said, avoid spamming them together! It gets too sweet and rich eventually.

The next time I have them Starbucks Pancakes, I would definitely have it plain again. Perhaps for one of the pancakes, I would drizzle the maple syrup. The strawberry jam nor butter would be given PPO (Personal Protection Order) from my pancakes.

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Till then, stay hungry!

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