Oasia Novena Birthday Staycation

Study desk at Club Room in Oasia Novena, with xiong xiong teddy bears.

The decision to treat myself to a staycation at Oasia Novena started with a targeted-advertising by Far East Hospitality 2 months back. I am a return customer, though I had only stayed at its hotels for only a few times the past few years. However, I was surprised that they dangled a carrot in front of a not-so-loyal customer, to offer me an upgrade to their club room if I were to book a room during my birthday month.

I took the offer, but was informed after payment that the upgrade may not be actualised, as they couldn’t confirm if they have enough rooms. And since my choice of stay coincided with the start of the school holidays, I was not particularly confident of getting an upgrade too.

So when I was offered that upgrade at the counter, I was rather bemused. I also got an early check-in (I do not know if I am supposed to relate both). The counter staff was friendly, and took time to explain to me the perks of staying in the club room, which included access to The Living Room, breakfast and Vitamin Water in the minibar.

Getting to Oasia Novena

Oasia Novena is located in the middle of the medical district, at the confluence of TTSH, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Novena Medical Centre and the shopping centres of Novena Square and Velocity. Superstitious Singaporeans avoid staying in the area, but I thought that was what made the stay so enjoyable, as it was void of family staycationers and runaway kids.

There was an underpass link from Novena MRT station to B3 of the hotel; it could be accessed by turning to the direction of Square 2 at the control station, and then making a right turn after exiting the main turnstile area. The walk from the station to B3 actually took less than a minute, thereby avoiding the sun and heat outside of the station.

Xiong Xiong teddy bears posing with novel "Love.Secret" at bay window of Club Room in Oasia Novena.
Not the greatest view, but the wide window still offered expansive view of the suburban city-scape of Singapore.

Exploring Oasia Novena Club Room

Our room was on the 24th storey, which had a view of the condo beside the hotel. However, I was not really concerned about the view, as I am one who focus more on the room amenities like the bed and toilet, as well as the hotel facilities.

The King-size bed was so comfortable that I slept soundly (and reportedly void of the snores I usually have). The pillows were firm, so that I only needed 1 out of the 2 offered. The TV was part of the usual offering of any hotels, however, there was a dedicated panel of ports on the study table beside the TV, which allows anyone to connect their devices to the TV. There were VGA ports, HDMI, USB and RGB ports. I did not try any of them to see if they worked, though.

Queen size bed at Club Room at Oasia Novena, Singapore
Entryway to Club Room at Oasia Novena, Singapore

Check Out the Bathroom!

The bathroom was also one of the usual fare, albeit well-maintained. The shower was a different segment from the bathtub, so there was none of the trouble of precariously stepping out of the tub for fear of slipping. The toilet was well designed, as there was a drainage just beside the tub, so that water does not pool in the toilet. The heated water responded well to the tuning of the tap, which makes me rank the shower better than most hotels I stayed.

The room, as mentioned, faced the condo and it had large windows. However, one could lower the electric blinds or sunshade (yes, there were 2 options!) to enjoy some privacy without losing the sunshine.

Entrance to The Living Room, lounge exclusive for Club Room users.

The Living Room – Lounge for Club Room

The Living Room, that is only accessible to club room users, was on Level 22. It was a small, private area that could seat about 40 people. Most of the time, it was empty.

There was a bar to serve beverages from coffee to juices and wines (during the evening dinner time). The staff was attentive and well-trained in service language, which gave a real professional touch to their service.

Bar at The Living Room, lounge exclusive for Club Room users.
View of rooftop pool from The Living Room, accessible only to Club Room users
The rain brough lyrical rythm to the ambience in the Living Room.

Rooftop Pool (with Heated Jacuzzi!)

The rest of the level was made up of outdoor seating and their pool facility.

The pool was a semi-infinity pool, that unlike Quincy, was fully sheltered. There was also a Jacuzzi with heated water, and shower and changing facilities. Considering the crowd, there were plenty of deck chairs and sofas for one to lounge about and chill in the breeze.

The view from the pool may not be as stunning as that of MBS, but it did offer 270-degree view of the Bukit Timah area (i.e. District 10) and the city skyline in the distance (peeking through the towers of surrounding estates). Compared to the views of Village Hotel Changi, or the M Hotels series, this is a view that I loved and enjoyed very much.

Heated Jacuzzi and rooftop pool only for Club Room access. It's sheltered, so one can have a dip even on cold, rainy days.
The view to the northern end of Singapore was expansive.
Rooftop pool only accessible to Club Room users have plenty of lounge chairs.
Heated Jacuzzi at rooftop pool only for Club Room access. It's sheltered, so one can have a dip even on cold, rainy days.
The jacuzzi was also heated, which was a great alternative to the cold water of the swimming pool on a cool night.

Cocktail Time at The Living Room

The Living Room offered complimentary cocktail during dinner time (6pm – 8pm). I went to Novena Square to have my dinner, but I returned for the cocktail. There was also refreshment like seafood rings, buffalo wings and cheeses. I had a glass of Chardonnay to soothe my mood for the evening, while XD had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. The buffalo wings tasted great, and it felt like we were eating Ruffles. The wines were smooth and made the evening felt magical.

As I enjoyed an upgrade for my birthday, I didn’t think the hotel would do anything more for me.

I was wrong.

They offered me a chocolate cake! I was surprised, as we didn’t tell them our room number as we entered (I assumed they recognized me, as I spent the afternoon slacking there when there was no other guests around). As a trainer in customer service, I am quite impressed with their attention to detail. In fact, when we returned after the cocktail to go for a swim, the staff even smiled and greeted us, wishing us a good time at the pool. To be honest, I did not receive that kind of attention when I got a free upgrade at M Hotel.

My staycation at Oasia Novena was delightful. However, as I got this upgrade because of a special occasion, I’m afraid I can only enjoy this level of service again only when I can bear to part with more money (as I grow older, I become more stingy…). Still, if I have the chance, I will definitely want to re-visit the hotel in the future.

Oasia Hotel Novena

8 Sinaran Drive S307470
+65 6664 0333

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Facade of Oasia Novena, Singapore
Bathroom at Oasia Novena club room, with spacious vanity counter
Bathroom at Oasia Novena club room, with bathtub.
Common pool at at Oasia Novena, Singapore
The pool at Level 8 that is accessible to all hotel guests. The gym and sauna is also located here.
Landscaped garden at at Oasia Novena, Singapore, just beside its common pool
There is actually a landscaped garden beside the pool, in addition to a sheltered lounge outside the gym.

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