Success Story in Singapore – MRT Version

Duxton Plain, against an overcast sky.

It was always this case.

There would be people who fight to get off the train first, by worming their way to the door before the train reaches the station. They would stand guard at the door.


If you happened to be at the back, you will realise that despite their fight towards the door, they sure take their time to walk out of the train and even out of the station.

If you happened to be at the back, you will start to realise if you will even get to alight the train before the door closes on you.

Once out of the train, the crowd still moved slowly, especially the ones right at the front.

It seemed that people who fight to be the first liked to hog the pole position and enjoy the feeling of having nothing in front and everyone behind them.

By taking every opportunity you see, you worm your way through… At the slightest gap between the person in front of you and the railing. When no one seemed to want to lose their position in the queue to use a turnstile that is not reliable.

Finally, before you officially exit the station, you find yourself at the front of the pack, even though it took you more effort than anyone else to reach that place. Perhaps you will only be just a few steps off the stairs to exit the station when you finally reach the front.

Such is the reality in Singapore.

There will be people who fight to the front disregarding the comfort and safety of others.

There will be people who like to hog the postion at the front.

It requires one to put in extra effort in order to overtake others or even work his way to the front, if he happened to be lagging at first.

But if one puts his mind to it, he will get there.


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