Cordon Bleu at Schneider Bräuhaus München.

Schneider Bräuhaus München: Women Power

When you decide to re-visit a restaurant the second time you are in the city, you must know it is good.

Obertraun, Austria, view of Hallstatt Lake against the Alps and winter sky.

Best Supporting Tourist Spot: Obertraun

People who know Hallstatt recognises it by the classic village views, which has to be seen from the edge or from the water. No one really wants to go there to walk the streets (hidden between the streets in between the building you see on postcards), or to eat over there.

Most importantly, it gets ridiculously expensive to stay there.

Where then, do we stay when visiting Hallstatt?

Hallstatt, Austria, classic view of the church and town centre against the mountainside of Alps, as taken from the ferry in front of the town.

Hallstatt: Fairy Tale Land

Hallstatt in winter provides a more intimate, although quiet, experience. Climb up the hill, cross the lake, explore little stores… Plan for more than a half-day trip for a fairy-tale-like trip!