Photo taken during Adult Learning Symposium 2018, of keynote speaker Dr Jane Hart on the changing landscape of continuing education sector.

Adapting to Disruptions Brought About by Technology – A Reflection of Adult Learning Symposium 2018

Adult Learning Symposium (ALS) 2018 took place at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 1 – 2 November. Here are the highlights.

Singapore Central Business District off Marina Bay Financial Centre.

Singapore Workers Can Be More Productive…

Singapore’s productivity woes is chronic. The “people on the ground” claimed that we are already overworked. I think it’s just an excuse by the workers to stay in their comfort zone. Why are they so resistant to increasing productivity, then?

Salzburg, Austria - streets of Salzburg town centre and Christmas market.

The Storm That Broke Out

The past week, or rather, the past few days, has seen a storm broke out; it was an event that brewed for months. Everybody knew it was coming, unlike the surprise of Brexit, but when it finally arrived, everyone reacted like they did not see it coming. Yep, if you have not realised, the POTUS […]