Quote from 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca, starred by Jude Law (foreground) and Ethan Hawke (background) and Uma Thurman (not featured). "They've got you looking so hard for any flaw, that after a while, that's all that you see,"

Gattaca: Fave Quotes

10 fingers, 10 toes, that’s all that used to matter.

Singapore Central Business District off Marina Bay Financial Centre.

Singapore Workers Can Be More Productive…

Singapore’s productivity woes is chronic. The “people on the ground” claimed that we are already overworked. I think it’s just an excuse by the workers to stay in their comfort zone. Why are they so resistant to increasing productivity, then?

Skyscrapers of Singapore at Central Business District near Marina Bay Financial Centre.

The Dilemma of Training

Asking an expert who is unwilling or incompetent to train others is like asking a fish to climb a tree.

Save the headache and engage a skilled trainer!