Xiong Xiong the teddy bear at the Departure driveway at Malpensa (MXP) Airport Terminal 1 in Rome, Italy.

Tax Refund in Milan Malpensa Airport – A Complete Guide

Tax refund in Milan Malpensa Airport is confusing, if you rely on the official information. Find out how to get your tax refund efficiently here!

Lobby of H10 Tribeca hotel in Madrid, Spain. Perspective of Xiong Xiong the teddy bear. Red leather sofa, mirror walls and floor to ceiling bookcases.

H10 Tribeca at Madrid: Boutique & Spacious

One of the most amazing thing about Madrid was how spacious everything was. One would expect a city that seemed to stop in its tracks in the 80s would be small and dreary, but no! Read on to find out why!

Salzburg, Austria - streets of Salzburg town centre and Christmas market.

The Storm That Broke Out

The past week, or rather, the past few days, has seen a storm broke out; it was an event that brewed for months. Everybody knew it was coming, unlike the surprise of Brexit, but when it finally arrived, everyone reacted like they did not see it coming. Yep, if you have not realised, the POTUS […]