It Is Official

It is official. I have left SPS. To the men and women at SPS, I will miss interacting and learning from you. Your spirit of building a better home for this country is inspiring and deserves utmost respect. My decision to leave SPS is not a negative reflection on SPS in any way. I just [...]


Motivation At Work

I just re-watched 3 TED talks that explores motivation at work. The speakers were talking about how to manage workers to increase their productivity through various tools. Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation Dan Pink pointed out a very significant difference on how rewards work: Higher rewards only yield better work performance when the tasks are [...]

Fighting With Passion

I was having an conversation in my mind, pretending I was talking to a distant colleague. The conversation revolved around the fact that I had been working late nights recently, on top of managing the usual pain from the daily grind. "There are so many idiots pissing you off all the time." My discouraging "colleague" [...]