Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant (Xin Gu Xiang; 新故乡), a cantonese restaurant located Holiday Inn Hotel (formerly Concorde "Glass" Hotel) off Zion Road in Singapore's city fringe. Seen here is its entrance facade.

Xin Cuisine Restaurant: Something Old, Something New

We are always tempted by the “new and interesting” food places popping up in Singapore. Why not go back to something familiar for this coming Mother’s Day?

Soho Restaurant Lounge Bar, a lobby cafe, bar and restaurant of H10 Tribeca in Madrid, Spain, near Bernabeu Stadium. Seen here is the dish Scrambled Egg with Prawns and Onions. Xiong Xiong the teddy bear is eyeing the food. In the background, a plate of olives and a cup of black coffee awaits.

Om Nom Nom Madrid

There’s food you must try when you are in Madrid. And then there is food you gotta eat to give you energy to tour the city. Here’s the latter.