Photo taken during Adult Learning Symposium 2018, of keynote speaker Dr Jane Hart on the changing landscape of continuing education sector.

Adapting to Disruptions Brought About by Technology – A Reflection of Adult Learning Symposium 2018

Adult Learning Symposium (ALS) 2018 took place at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 1 – 2 November. Here are the highlights.

Pikachu mascot at Hokkaido New Chitose Airport, Pokémon Centre, dressed in pilot attire.

The Real Meaning of Work

One day, Nolan was touring the ground to check on his operators. When one of them showed him that the inventory was low, Nolan proclaimed that ensuring the supplies was sufficient was not part of his main portfolio, even though he was the only one in the company doing it.



In the not-so-distant future, when genetic engineering made it possible for parents to engineer their ideal children, Vincent Freeman, the new underclass discriminated down to science, took over the identity of Jerome Eugene Morrow.