The Light Above

Cloudy evening sky. with the silhouette of the trees and the building I was standing beside. Taken at SIA Training Centre.

The light above my workspace went out for a week.

I was not at all bothered by that incident, mainly because the other lights in the office were still working, so I was not so much as working in total darkness. In addition, I’m a person who gets headache with all the light, so a little dimming actually made me happier.

But the rest of the office could not disagree more.

People would pass by my cubicle and make some comment (just to make small talk) and some of them would go on to talk about how bad the loss of (a single) light would be.

Then there were those who would go the distance to insist that I get the building management guy here to fix the light.

Even after I explained I prefer things the way it was.

This incident reminded me of the tale where a man and his wife were travelling to the market with a donkey. No matter how they arranged themselves (father on donkey, wife on donkey, both on donkey, none on donkey), someone would criticise their decision.


The moral of both stories is that everyone wants to have a say on anything without regard for the opinions of the person involved.

Alas! my take has always been that everyone has their right to their opinions, so I won’t fault them for saying what they said. I’m also one who focus more on the solutions than to engage in endless debates.

So, for all the people who find it disturbing to see that the light above my cubicle was spoilt: If it bothers you so much, why don’t you call the building management guy?

Cos if I have my way (and I don’t even need to lift a finger to have it my way), I’d prefer the light off.

p/s: Eventually, a colleague found out about the light, said “Your light is spoilt!” and proceeded to call the building management to fix it by the end of the day. I love people who offers solutions.

The only worry I had with the spoilt light, was if my plants would survive.

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