5 Reasons Why Singapore Grand Prix Is Worth The Experience


The Singapore version of the Formula One Grand Prix will be welcoming its 7th edition this coming September. After taking over from Singtel to be the title sponsor for the event, Singapore Airlines renewed its interest last year to continue hosting the event for the 3rd year in a row. Just what is it about the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix that sets it apart from the growing multitude of races sprouting around the world?



One of the most successful element of the Formula One Grand Prix was the ambience of carnival that few hosts were able to replicate. From concerts by big-name-celebrities to local indies, Christmas-market like stalls to exhibition by sponsors, the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix offers more to visitors, or rather, has offerings that are bound to please every kind of visitors.

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Close To World Class Shopping & Lodging

Most other versions of grand prix are located at dedicated pits, which are good for racers, but also meant the target audience is for hardcore race fans.

Singapore’s race circuit is smack right in its city centre, which provides a range of convenience for hardcore fans or those who just want to get a feel of the heat of the race.

Visitors can choose to stay right beside the circuit, or at the city’s fringes. Either way, this meant that there is more time to do outside of racing time. Add to the fact Singapore’s reputation as a confluence of world cuisines (and terrific Asian food) and world-class shopping brands, this meant that an Formula One visitor can sleep in, have good food, shop around, watch the race, then club the night away, without leaving the convenience of a metropolitan city.


Proximity To Other Countries

Singapore in itself is a perfect springboard to other exotic Asian destinations. Given Changi Airport’s extensive connections as a hub (and who does not want to be caught walking through Changi Airport while on a holiday?), visitors to Formula One in September just need to add a day or 2 to their schedules and a perfect holiday is put together.

Wow your friends with pictures of yourself at an idyllic beach in Bali in the morning, and then of the race at night, ending off the day with a selfie at the concert at Padang! Enjoy a relaxing massage at Batam, or snorkel at Phuket. Even better, take hop on to a Silkair or Scoot flight to Penang to savour its world famous cuisine!

Click HERE to explore the amenities (and connections) of world-renowned Changi Airport!

Click HERE to explore Singapore Airlines’ network to bring you around Southeast Asia!


Class Acts

Every year, A-list performers are invited to different performing venues around the carnival area.

At the key Padang stage in 2015, we saw Bon Jovi, Maroon 5 and Pharell Williams sent waves down Singapore River. Top local acts like The Sam Willows and Dim Sum Dollies were also present to spice up the night. Fringe acts like Globe of Speed World Alex Ramien, Light Umbrellas and Samba Brasil could be seen around the festival to light up the carnival.

What can be expected of the entertainment highlights in 2016 then?

According to the latest press release (LINK), we can expect Queen + Adam Lambert, Kylie Minogue and even Pentatonix!

What’s more, Singapore International Festival of Arts will also be held over the Formula One weekend and world-acclaimed musical Wicked will also be staged at Marina Bay Sands (to name a few). The diversity of entertainment choices meant that a family trip to Singapore for Formula One meant everyone will have something to look forward to!

Book tickets to Wicked – The Musical at the following HERE.

N.B: September is also Yellow Ribbon Month. The Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP), originated right here in Singapore, believes in reintegration of ex-offenders. One of the highlights of YRP is artwork by current inmates being exhibited in Singapore Art Museum, and of course, a YRP-inspired road run that takes runners through the historic east of Singapore, right into the modern Singapore Prison Complex. Read more about why you should take part in the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2016 HERE.


Singapore Girls

The race is targeted at male audience, so race girls are permanent highlights of the race. However, with Singapore Airlines being the title sponsor of Singapore Formula One Grand Prix, it meant the race girls will also come with the Asian grace of the airline. Those who had been to Formula One at Singapore would not forget the sight of the girls parading down the pit with their signature sarong kerbaya dancing with the wind.

For a testosterone-filled event, the girls provide the perfect touch to bring a balance to the event.


Tempted? The tickets can be bought off the Singapore GP website (LINK) or SISTIC (LINK).


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