To be frank, my work has never been good enough for anyone else to even think about sharing. Therefore, I am thrilled that the Punggol21 decided to feature my (edited) photo on their instagram and FB profile.

The picture was edited using 2 apps. First, I made 2 contrasting editions of it using my favourite Snapseed app. Snapseed allows one to edit a photo without losing quality, with edits ranging from subtle to dramatic. Yes, I like the fact that I could enhance my pictures without fearing that it would turn out looking too “surreal”.

Next, I used Picsart to create a portrait grid to put the 2 versions of pictures side by side. The borders must be reduced to zero to create the seamless transition. And yes, I prefer Picsart because it allows me to save the resulting picture in high resolution.

I created the picture to commemorate one of the most dreaded days I had in recent life. I had missed my shuttle bus in the morning (I was early, so I was standing in the heat for a good 20 minutes before I realize the bus could have reached even earlier and left without me) and the day followed with not-so-pleasant events that rounded off with a massive jam caused by a reckless tippee truck driver (which overturned and blocked all lanes of the expressway). I had left work at 6pm hoping to have an early night’s rest, but ended up reaching home only 3 hours later, twice the usual travelling time.

That said, it’s still much of an honour for me to have a piece of work (albeit amateur) featured on a 3rd party site

Thanks, Punggol21!

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