7 Reasons Why “Touch Mi” Deserves A Pink Dot

Sammi 郑秀文 Touch Mi World Tour Live CD Cover

*Straight Warning: Reading this post requires an open mind*

“Touch Mi” is Mi’s (Sammi Cheng) latest world tour concert. It recently opened on 20 Dec 2014 at Hong Kong Coliseum (a.k.a Hung Hom), kicking off the series of concerts set to be staged across the Chinese regions.

Sammi 郑秀文 Touch Mi World Tour Live CD Cover


“Touch Mi” opens with Mi dressed up as a unicorn.

Made with Swarovski crystals.

Accompanying Mi’s song from her new album, “Bang Bang Bang”. 


Sammi 郑秀文 Touch Mi 2014 Bang Bang Bang Unicorn 开场

Testosterone Rush

The next segment, themed sensual, opened with a gang of scantily-clad male dancers gyrating with each other.

The songs of this segment include:

  • 《非男非女》(“Neither Man Nor Woman”)
  • 《十誡》(“Ten Commandments”)
Sammi 郑秀文 Touch Mi 2014 非男非女
The only photo that belonged to me.


All of Mi’s fans know the official colour of Mi’s concerts is pink. Even the light stick vendors outside Hung Hom knew to sell them sticks pink.



While we’re on the topic of colours, notice her rainbow eye shadows for the concert?


The Rising Tower

The climax of “Touch Mi” came when a 10m tower rose from the stage. Need I say more?


Sammi 郑秀文 Touch Mi 2014 上帝早已预备朝圣塔

Of Labels and Boxes

Another segment had Mi singing 《放不低》(“Can’t Let Go”), in one of the boxes hanging precariously in the air. Of course she emerged from the box safe and sound.


Sammi 郑秀文 Touch Mi 2014 放不低

The Symbol

To end this post, here is a phallic symbol Mi used to start her finale of dance tracks, before exploding into a symphony of colours.

Sammi 郑秀文 Touch Mi 2014 Water of Love

If you want something more pink that Sammi Cheng, if you love to read Chinese novels and you love BL, you can check out 不能说的爱情故事:和平分离

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Disclaimer: Notice all the watermarks on the photos? Because I plucked the photos from all over the internet, mostly from one of the fan Facebook (Link). The credits belonged to all the phototakers, because I was too awestruck throughout the concert to snap them pictures (actually, my phone camera is really low-end). But kudos to those fans who multi-tasked to allow fans to relive memories of the concert!


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