A whole year of 2015 is ahead of me, but before I decide what to make of it, I shall look back at what I had created.

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014


I might have only devoted 1 post to this, but it was an event that took up almost 1 year. From conceptualisation to actualisation, there wasn’t a single moment I was going easy about this.

ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment)

Working for a full qualification 5 years after I left school was tough. That was on top of the usual work and the ECA of YRPR14. Yes, I had been quite slack since I obtained my qualification, but I had put in so much effort for the 1st 9 months of the year that I deserve a good break.

First Self-Drive Overseas

Driving, and owning a car, is something very new to me, so naturally, car-related milestones would fill up my calendar for some time.

This year, I went on a week-long self-drive in the very driver-friendly Hokkaido. It brought much convenience when attractions are far and not connected well by mass transit. However, considering the cost of car rental, that could most likely be the last self-drive for a long time to come.

Come this year, the feeling of excitement from venturing into the unknown is more than ever. Since my life would undergo a radical change, it is all the more important I devote my full attention into making sure I manoeuvre through the unchartered grounds smoothly, if not successfully.

Leaving the Service

It was never my intention to stay in SPS for the whole of my life. Last year, I realized that the service had made my life very comfortable, to a point of stagnation, so I decided that progression out of the service is the only way to attain greater heights.

The job search lasted for more than a year, but unlike the last time, I had the job-assurance to really wait for a company that’s willing and worthy to come by.

It did.

My new life deserve my full attention.

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