Top 5 Meh Food Places

I’m no foodie. I don’t go into a relentless rant for 80% of the food I eat, mainly because I don’t live for food. Therefore, as long as the food is edible, cheap and/or accessible, I will not strike them out of my eating list.

Which is why, when I decide some food (or eating place) is not for eating (and roll my eyeballs with a “Meh~“), I really mean it. I personally will not walk into that place when I’m hungry, and if I am asked to attend gatherings at those places, my associates must either tolerate or give in to my grumbles.

Curry Times (Meh~)

@Anywhere in Singapore

Fried Chicken cutlet with curry, fish otak, at Curry Times

The food is so-so, so much so I think they should sell the food in some polytechnic’s canteen rather than in T3 and charge a premium.

I hate the bowl. Yes, the metal bowl is nostalgic, but no, we phased them out because it was not good to use. The base was not flat, and I was spending half my time adjusting the bowl because it kept slipping away or around.

And the bowl harks from pre-70s. The decor should be 70s. The songs they played were 80s (note: unless you grew up in the 80s, these songs have tempo so slow you would be lulled to sleep before you even finish your food).

The place is only good when I want to pretend to be a hipster.

Bark’s Cafe (Meh~)

@Changi Prison Chapel and Museum

If I wanted to eat at a place without aircon, I would eat at a hawker centre.

And they charge 5 times more than hawker centre (and they dare to do it when they have no aircon?!)

And the lighting is so bad, I can’t take selfie with my food.

However, this place is known for its beer. Babarella should also like this place.

Mad Jack (Meh~)

@Simpang Bedok (but they also have outlets elsewhere)

Chicken chop with broccoli and corn and carrot

The only reason why this outlet of Mad Jack earned a Meh is because of its lousy location: Simpang Bedok. (Or perhaps I should meh Simpang Bedok instead).

Everyone knows how hard it is to find parking in Simpang Bedok. Not a lot of buses go there. The food prices there are marked up because Simpang Bedok is one of the to-go places to eat, though I have not eaten anything there that is worth all the sweat and trouble.

Mad Jack offers cheap comfort food, when you can just pop by in one of its outlets located in a convenient location like White Sands. Otherwise, why go to Simpang Bedok?

Penang Street (Meh~)

@Kent Ridge MRT Station (the new wing of NUH)

Fried Chicken and omelette

Just eat at Penang Culture.

4 Fingers (Meh~ Meh~)

@Anywhere in Singapore

Four Fingers chicken with fries

It could be age. Tyre-rubber-hard chicken is just not compatible with my teeth.

I tried it on a weekday, when there was no hungry queue. If not, it would have gotten 3 Mehs.

Hai Di Lao (Meh~ Meh~)

@Clark Quay

Overstated. Overpriced.

Even if you like steamboat, JPot is a better option (even though I think JPot is also a waste of money, but oh well… I’m just not a steamboat person)

If you must eat there, do not order the noodle (where they perform for you by waving the noodles around). Yes, the noodle is “famous”, but if you are a germaphobe like me, just enjoy the show and let others eat the noodle.

Arashi-something Ramen (Meh~ Meh~)

@Anywhere in Singapore

Ramen and gyoza

I ate at this restaurant while it was still open in Tampines 1. Apparently, food-picky Singaporeans still know what to avoid, I guess, judging from the rate the outlet closed down. However, I heard there is another outlet in Star Vista.

Basically, the ramen cost as much as any ramen restaurant in Singapore (think: Ramen Champion or Ajisen). However, the char siew was so thin, I thought that should be used for shabu shabu in JPot instead.

I also felt awkward eating ramen listening to techno. But I’m nitpicking…

Central Thai (Meh~ Meh~ Meh~~)

@Changi Airport Terminal 2

This is personal.

I had wanted to bring in a non-halal banana chocolate cake into the restaurant (all of us didn’t know if it was non-halal, until the staff insisted we scour the whole packaging for the halal sign). After being told “No”, I asked if I could just bring it in with me, but not eat it in the restaurant. I was told “No” again. I then asked if I could put it somewhere near the counter. I was told “No” again. And I was like: “My friends are all in the restaurant already, do you want me to wait outside of the restaurant for them to finish the dinner without me, or throw the $50+ cake away?”

I was frustrated with the staff because they were not service-oriented. The least they could do is to offer to help us store the cake in a neighbouring restaurant. But they didn’t. If they were a 3-star Michelin restaurant, I would try to tolerate their uninspiring service. But their food was as bad as Curry Times, so there was no basis for anyone to endure their sub-standard service.

And of course, I am not surprised it is always empty during peak hours.


To reiterate, I’m not a foodie, so my critic is based on the perspective of a normal working man who just want a good meal for good money. To me, my consciousness would tell me to skip them for as long as I could.

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