AOne Once Again

The other day, N was in the area, so we went down to the new AOne outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 3 (level 4) to have lunch.

Those who had been reading my blog would have known that I am very comfortable with AOne’s food, starting when they first had an outlet in Tampines One many years back. I particularly enjoyed eating familiar food that did not intend to overwhelm diners with fancy fusion. Add to the rather reasonable pricing and convenient locations, it became my top favourite place for meals.

Interestingly, I had not been to AOne for quite some time, so it was even more exciting for us to try out the new outlet at T3.

We ordered Honey Glazed Chicken (which was one of my premier choices), Braised Fried Beancurd with Chye Por (preserved radish bits) and Vegetables with 3 Types of Eggs (Eggs, Century Eggs and Salted Eggs).

AOne dishes, Honey Glazed Chicken. Chicken chunks coated with batter is deep fried before being coated with a layer of thick, gooey honey sauce. AOne has a new outlet in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, at level 3.

I thought the Honey Glazed Chicken was not as good as what I remembered, though N thought otherwise. Perhaps I remembered it too well and that dish didn’t meet my expectations. Nonetheless, I still liked that the chicken remained crispy even though it was coated with a thick layer of sweet, honey gravy.

N.B: It was only then it dawned on me that General Tsao’s Chicken, or Orange Chicken found in Chinese restaurants in the United States are modelled after Honey Glazed Chicken!

As for the beancurd, my only grouse was with the Chye Por. For the uninitiated, Chye Por are radish bits that are usually served preserved. The Chye Por on this dish was instead fried till it became crispy bits, very much like how garlic bits would be served as toppings (in Chinese cuisine). Except that after frying, the Chye Por lost its original sweet-sour taste when it was served preserved. Neither was it puffing with wok hey (the burnt, but not burnt taste) like garlic bits would.

The Chye Por became just salty, crispy bits on the beancurd; I could have replaced it with bacon bits, though that would make the dish un-vegetarian.

AOne dish, Braised Fried Beancurd with Chye Por (preserved radish bits). AOne has a new outlet in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, at level 3.

The vegetable dish was surprisingly indiscreet. It was neither exciting, nor was it bad. Perhaps this makes it a very good dish, considering that both the vegetables and the eggs had strong flavours. Like… the vegetables are usually earthy and curt, while the century eggs had strong sulphur taste while the salted eggs were particularly salty. So it was interesting that all of them came together and evened out their edges.

In fact, if you are like… short of money or on a strict diet, you can try ordering Vegetables with 3 Eggs and pair it with rice – they go REALLY well despite being just 2 items you would be eating!

It may seem that I am not very impressed with the AOne outlet in T3. However, the F&B outlets in T3 had been undergoing musical chairs type of shuffling for the past few years and AOne is a refreshing addition to the offerings (even though AOne isn’t a new brand). At least for now, there’s one more place for me to go for meals when I’m in Changi!

If you’ve read till the end, it meant I managed to entertain you 🙂 Read on for more foodie reviews on more yummy food found in Singapore!


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