AOne: Chinese Restaurant Cuisine That Is Both Good for The Stomach And The Wallet

Honey Glazed Chicken. Seen in the background is Sesame Chicken Noodles on hotplate. at AOne

One of my favourite franchise Chinese food restaurant (that isn’t so overpriced like DTF) is AOne.

Yes, it has a very cheesy name, but it does serve up some tasty fare.

AOne restaurant Honey Glazed Chicken. Seen in the background is Sesame Chicken Noodles on hotplate.
My favourit-est.

My first experience was with the outlet at Tampines 1, which I assume was their first. The outlet was always empty and they always touted at anybody who walked past their store. I ultimately went in and ordered some claypot food (that was their signature, eh?) and found that the food was good, albeit a little pricey.

Mixed Vegetables in oyster sauce, consisting of Broccoli, carrots and assorted mushrooms.
I liked the colours within the dish; most people made vegetable dishes looked bland, but AOne’s vegetables looked vibrant and does not seem overcooked.

I didn’t really think of returning until a few years later, when N and I decided to pop by its Chinatown Point outlet. We ordered some Chinese food (not claypot based) and thought that despite the change in outlet, the food quality maintained quite well, which was quite a feat. Despite the pricey food, they are still much cheaper than Paradise Inn or DTF, imho.

Sesame Chicken Noodles on Hotplate
This was so good, N ordered it every time we went there.

The last time I ate at AOne, I ordered their caramelised chicken. Basically, it was fried chicken with glazed honey. It was crispy, not hard, juicy inside, and sweet with a hint of wok-hey. Yes, it may sound like some fried chicken option at one of those Korean restaurants, but the output is waaaayyy… better than the latter.

Other favourites included Minced Pork Omelette and Hot Plate Chicken Noodles.

AOne restaurant Claypot Chicken Rice. Tender chicken with chinese sausage and green vegetables on a bed of rice, set in a claypot.
I like to eat Claypot Chicken Rice, and I must say AOne’s made the mark for me 🙂

The seating at Chinatown Point was cramp compared to that of Tampines 1; the latter had proper booth seats, while the former’s seating was very much like Ya Kun, perhaps due to the location.

Scrambled Egg with minced pork. Seen in background is Sesame Chicken Noodles in hotplate.
Look at the chunky minced pork!

Perhaps AOne can be considered a high-class tze-char, but hey, isn’t all Chinese restaurants high class tze char?

It’s not like Paradise or DTF, because it does not serve dim sum. It’s not like No Signboard, because it does not serve seafood. It serves food local Chinese eats, but cooked it better and served them in an aircon environment. I mean, who wants to eat piping hot tze char alfresco in Singapore’s sweltering hot climate?

Price range wise, yes, it is pricier than when you buy such food from kopitiams at void decks, but hey! There’s aircon, you know. It does not cost an arm or leg like DTF. But oh, AOne is covered under Foodpanda, so one can enjoy AOne food in the comfort of their home 🙂

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You can also read about my re-visit to AOne, at its newest outlet in Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall.

Till then, stay hungry!

AOne restaurant Sesame Chicken Noodles on Hotplate
I’m gonna get ya!

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