Starbucks Halloween special snacks, seen here Xiong Xiong the teddy bear with Zombie Frappucino, Peek a Boo Lemon Drizzle Cake and Let's Hang Out Almond Cake.

Food Review in 3 Minutes: Starbucks Festive Goodies

Have you tried Starbucks’ drinks and snacks for this year’s Halloween?

I tried to stay away from it, thinking I could live a minimalist, zen life… but I succumbed to the sweet treats at the last minute…!

Cafe Arzmiller München Review - Facade of the cafe, a full-height arched glass door. The cafe is in Munich, Germany, a block away from Residenz off Marienplatz.

Cafe Arzmiller München: First Food I Had in Germany

Everybody told me to eat German sausage, pretzels and schnitzels on my virgin trip to Germany (Munich), but to me, those were information easily found off the internet. I wanted to try something not-so-well-talked-about, and yet is something the locals would say, “Ja, it’s our local food.”