Christmas Imagined

Alright, I realised I had been giving Starbucks more exposure than Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves (CBTL), even though my blog is supposed to be non-partisan (I hope to have people sponsor posts, but that was like… dream on!).

The irony was that I spend more time in CBTL than in Starbucks, since CBTL’s coffee and snacks are significantly more expensive than Starbucks’, thereby driving away all the crowd that is the mugging-turned-hogging students.

So, after my Halloween write up and Christmas dig at Starbucks, I imagined myself receiving a complaint letter from CBTL telling me to provide a more balanced blogging experience for my readers. I imagined myself even being sponsored to do a post for CBTL, even though I might not write good of them.

Christmas goodies at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves (CBTL), seen here is Santa Log Cake with a cup of brewed coffee in the background.

I mean, just look at the drunk Santa who imagined himself to be a mushroom on a swiss roll that imagined itself to be a log cake. Poor Santa was so drunk that he got into a brawl and was bleeding from his eyes. Yup, Santa had been imagining that he was of Nordic origin, because his Asian flush betrayed his Chinese origins.

And then there was that Minty Chocolate Chip cake that imagined itself to be a Tiramisu (whuutt?). It was in fact a cheese cake imagining itself to be an environmentalist by greening itself. To be honest, it was indeed minty and chocolate-y. The part about Tiramisu, though…

I also bought a Red Velvet Hot Cocoa to go with Chinese Drunk Santa log cake and Tiramisu-wannabe Mint-overload chocolate cake. However, it was served in a porcelain mug, so you have to imagine its pink flush beneath that layer of foam so thick, I could do a milk wig instead of milk moustache.

Yup, that’s the end of my imagination. Or maybe. Let’s just imagine I earn myself a lifetime VIP membership with CBTL (which in itself is imaginary, because CBTL does not even have a membership programme, much less a VIP one).

Christmas goodies at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves (CBTL), seen here is Minty Chocolate Chip Tiramisu cake, with a cup of Red Velvet Hot Coca in the background.


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