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Terminal 21 Hotel Grande Centre Point room Bangkok city view

Hotels in Bangkok are cheap and good, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice when visiting Bangkok. I will share my experience at Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 for those who need some relief from the fatigue of making choices 🙂

Terminal 21 Hotel Grande Centre Point lobby entrance with Bangkok Thailand skyline at the background

First, as the name suggests, this hotel is actually at Terminal 21. Yes, THAT Terminal 21. Imagine 9 floors of shopping, without breaking a sweat. Yes! Break no sweat because there is a dedicated entrance between the hotel and the shopping mall which allows occupants to avoid being exposed to external elements. Even better, there is a dedicated entrance to the massage parlour from the hotel! This means that you can have a late night massage without having to worry about walking through deserted Bangkok alleyways at night!

Many of us go to Bangkok over the weekend for a quickie, imagine getting to save the travelling time between hotel and shopping!

If the above still did not convince you, the hotel room is spacious, from the bedroom area to the bathroom. Yes, it is still smaller than Mode Sathorn that I reviewed earlier, but in exchange for the space, you get the convenience. And even after sacrificing the space, you still have sufficient space to open up 2 big suitcases and play catching.

In fact, the space was so big there was also a small area for light cooking. For N and I, we bought that famous toast from 7-11 (which, unfortunately, is not in Terminal 21 itself, but is just around the corner from the main entrance) and heated it up with the in-room microwave for supper. And I think we also heated some other food up for supper – Bangkok is full of eating activities it’s hard to track what we ate officially (and unofficially…).

There were no bathtubs in the bathroom, though I didn’t miss it because I’m not a tubber. Instead, I find the shower good and strong (except for the fact that I could only get Boiling Hot or Bloody Cold water, but not something in between). I could clean myself without elbowing the walls and there was a long, dedicated shelf for toiletries (you do have to bring your own shampoo and shower foam, though), so that was good for me.

The vanity area was also roomy for all sorts of facial products 2 persons can bring. If you like, you can also raise the curtains and do all your bathroom business while bathing in sunlight, provided you are comfortable with people watching you from the opposite building…

And how about having people watch you from the building outside, while you enjoy the water jets from the bidet? (Everybody loves bidet, by the way, don’t deny that)

Security wise, it had standard card access at the lift, so non-occupants have a harder chance to get into the residential floors.

If there’s something I’d complain, it would be that weird curry smell that was perpetually there throughout our stay. It didn’t matter we showered in super fragrant shower foam and shampoo. It didn’t matter that we cooked food inside. Heck, the smell lingered after I bought an air freshener. We reckoned the smell originated from the sewage drain at the bathroom and that was something beyond our control. If any of you readers had been there, please let me know if you faced the same problem.

Other than that, there was no central switch for the lights by the bedside. Which means that I had to turn them off one by one before returning to my bed, something which is bad for chilling before sleeping.

All in all, I would stay in Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 again, especially for a short weekend getaway, so that I can enjoy the goodness of shopping and massage in Bangkok without breaking a sweat.

Oh, since Terminal 21 is connected to Asok BTS station, it means that you can basically go to many popular places in Bangkok without bringing the umbrella. That is, if the places you are visiting are just beside the BTS stations (like how I plan my visits).

Bonus! Bake Bros to the Rescue!

If you had been following my blog, you would have known that I’m a sucker for coffee, air-con, fanciful places, especially in Bangkok, as I had written at least 3 posts on how to get to them in Bangkok.

Bake Bros is one of them, albeit a very “play cheat” one.

It’s a cafe based in Terminal 21; Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 did not offer breakfast in their room package, so Bake Bros became a rather convenient place for me to get my caffeine fix and fill my tummy at the start of the day, without breaking a sweat.

I think the most unique part of the cafe was its beautiful display of cakes and pastries (if not, I would have settled for Starbucks, which was also in Terminal 21, for my morning fix). I tried the pandan and mango flavoured swiss rolls, which were both up-to-grade! The coffee was decent, since they were using standard coffee machines with Arabica beans.

The decor was also very hipster-ish, and very much like the other hipster cafes I had been to: spacious, good ambience, comfortable seats. Bake Bros don’t enjoy the fame like After You or Roast, perhaps because it didn’t have an eye-catching menu, so it has the tendency to fade amongst the whole range of shops in Terminal 21. This was the reason why I wanted to recommend it: It still serves decent food for those looking for a quiet, beautiful place to chill in anytime of the day!

Bonus Again! Jesse and Sons

The main reason why N and I even went to Bangkok was because we wanted to get some shirts and pants made (for work). My recommendation at Amari Watergate Hotel was popular amongst SQ staff, but I found it lacked service (perhaps it was getting complacent). Therefore, we took the recommendation of a friend and went to look for Jesse and Sons, which was just beside Terminal 21 (facing the 7-11 I mentioned just now).

The owner was friendly and the place was spacious, so that if you are waiting for your turn, you still have a good sofa to sit it. Even if the place was crowded, he insisted that we tried on every piece of garment so that he could inspect the quality personally.

So far, the shirts I made are still in good condition, which convinced me I should return to Jesse and Sons soon!

Grande Centre Point Terminal 21

88 Soi Sukhumvit 19,
Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
+66 2 108 0888

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