How To Know If You Are A Road Hogger

On the streets of Bangkok, with heavy traffic. The skyscrapers and cloudy sky is seen in the background. The photo is treated with brutal dark grey hues.
Streetscape on Hokkaido road in Japan

Just as an lesser mind does not know he is stupid, a pyschopath is unaware he is psychopathic and a narcissist could only see himself as the prettiest thing in the mirror, it takes extra effort to let a road hogger knows he is one.

Ever wondered if you are a roadhogger? If you discover all the 4 signs below while you are driving on Lane 1 of the road, then perhaps you should consider

Cars On The Slower Lane Over Takes You

One moment the white Audi is behind you, and the next, it is zooming past you, and then cuts into your lane once he is one car’s distance ahead.

This is called overtaking.

And if a car overtakes you by taking the slower lane, it means he is an impatient prick.

If 2 cars and more overtakes you by taking the slower lane, please move down to Lane 2 (if you are a passenger car) or leftmost lane (if you are a heavy, commercial vehicle).


You Could Say ‘Hi’ To The Driver On The Slower Lane

If he is able to acknowledge you, it means you are travelling shoulder to shoulder, for a long enough time.

It also means that the both of you are preventing others who wants to get ahead from getting ahead.

After the neighbouring driver says “Hi” back, tell him you want to change to his lane, so he could give way to you.

Turn on your indicator lights too.

US East Coast Trip - Washington DC. Along the streets of DC.
When you can chit chat with the other driver like these 2 pedestrians, it means you are blocking the way like they do.

There Is A Whole, Empty Stretch Of Road Before You

Unless you are driving in the dead of the night, there’s a chance that there are plenty of cars with you on the same stretch of road.

But if these cars are all in the lane behind you, making you feel like you are reenacting a scene from Walking Dead, dashing into the vast empty road ahead of you, most likely you are blocking the ways of the drivers behind.

Be a dear, switch down to the slower lane.

Streets of Hong Kong along Nathan Road

Concluding Words

Some might protest that the ones who overtake are just plain impatient and could even be speeding themselves. However, it pays to remember that a conflict on the road could cost at best, a scratch on the car, or at worst, everyone’s lives involved in a car accident.

Furthermore, these are objective observations that you could use to assess yourself. It’s one thing that others are flouting traffic rules, and another if you are the one holding up traffic. As mentioned, it’s difficult to know, when the speedometer might be just a little off.

To be extra safe, just keep in mind to leave the rightmost lane (a.k.a Lane 1) for overtaking instead. That is probably the best habit to keep our roads safe.

Remember that holding up the traffic also  causes unnecessary delays to other people's lives too.
Remember that holding up the traffic also causes unnecessary delays to other people’s lives too.

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