Why Hello Kitty Should Be A Pink Dot Ambassador


The Thousand Faces (or is it costumes?) of Hello Kitty

Although stereotypical, gays are always associated with queens, who are decked out in over-the-top, flamboyant costumes.

And who else is always in costumes?

If you guessed Hello Kitty, you are right.


Other characters, like Bad Badtz Maru or Pikachu, tried to adopt that style, but had never been successful. It seems that only Hello Kitty can pull off the thousands of different kinds of images that could only be challenged by the queens.

Hello Kitty, over the years, had donned more than costumes. She had even donned costumes that completely broke her shape, with the only recognizable features as her face.

Talk about being uncomfortable in her own skin…


World of Hello Kitty

The world of Hello Kitty is full of magic and allure, sparkles and rainbows. So much so that airports want to have a lounge in the theme of Hello Kitty and countries would want to build theme parks in her likes, because adults and kids like them so much.


In fact, she is so popular that when fast food restaurants release her decked in different costumes, people would queue up overnight, push and fight over her.

One Unique Feature

Hello Kitty’s draw is proof of her value in the eyes of the public. It is also proof that whoever employed her have guaranteed increase in revenue, as proven throughout the years.

The ironic fact is that despite her high value-add, she remains without a mouth. People love her, adore her, embrace her, but they don’t want her to speak up for herself. She’s expected to remain silent and be useful in the way she is seen as useful by the public and employers alike.


Remember I mentioned that Hello Kitty is so insecure in her own skin, she would don costumes that break her shape, but not hide her face? Well, that’s because her mouthless feature is such a trademark, that hiding that feature would mean she would lose her whole identity.

And now, talk about the irony of such an identity crisis with a gay boy…

Dear Daniel Is A Smokescreen

Does this need much explanation?

Hello Kitty Also Loves to Cross-Dress

Much like the first point, Hello Kitty, as a girl-like character, is expected to dress up in many different costumes, according to labels given to a typical girl. It’s just that she tends to over-dress to the extent she looks like a queen.

In this instant, she might not have over-dressed, but the point is she cross-dressed. She used to be Hamburglar, and most recently as a trishaw uncle.


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